1. Reed Bentley & Tripp Cassidy went to a NO CONTEST. Post-Match: Jesse Emerson runs to the ring attacking both men and sending the out of the ring. As he's standing in the ring gloating, Scotty Vortekz comes out and challenges Jess Emerson to a match with Jesse's #1 Contender spot for the IPW World Heavyweight Championship on the line. Greg Carey says no, but Commissioner Brandon Prophet comes out and sets the match up for later in the night.

2. Dave Davidson beat JT Blackstar & Chris Knuckles.

3. PT Hustla beat Kevin Thorn.

4. The Noble Bloods beat Billy Roc & Jeremy Hadley.

5. Jesse Emerson beat Scotty Vortekz.

6. DNA beat The Irish Airborne to become IPW's New Tag Team Champions!




1. Ricochet beat Aaron Xtreme.

2. Chrisjen Hayme beat Billy Roc.

3. Jake Crist beat AR Fox.

4. Kyle O'Reilly beat Dustin Rayz.

5. Scotty Vortekz beat Jeremy Hadley.

6. Tarek the Legend beat Dave Crist.


1. Kyle O'Reilly beat Jake Crist & Chrisjen Hayme.

2. Ricochet beat Scotty Vortekz & Tarek the Legend.

3. Jesse Emerson beat Jimmy Jacobs to become #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship Title.


Ricochet beat Kyle O'Reilly to retain the IPW Jr. Heavyweight Championship!



1. IPW Presents a 3-Stages of Insanity Match between Jon Moxley & Drake Younger
Stage 1: Wrestling Match - Winner: Drake Younger
Stage 2: Falls Count Anywhere Match - Winner: Jon Moxley
Stage 3: Thumbtack Match - Winner: Jon Moxley
Overall Winner: Jon Moxley

2. Irish Airborne beat The H3RD.

3. The "Hebrew Hammer" Joseph Schwartz beat Sean Tyler by DQ.

4. Jesse Emerson beat PT Hustla to become the #1 Contender for the IPW World Heavyweight Championship for November 6.

5. Jimmy Jacobs beat Scotty Vortekz to become the #1 Contender for the IPW World Heavyweight Championship for November 6 and will face Jesse Emerson.

6. Aaron XTreme beat Billy Rock, Flip Kendrick, and Chrisjen Hayme to gain entry in the 2010 Super Junior Heavyweight Tournament and to face the Current Champion Ricochet in the first round.

7. Dave Davidson beat Clifton Crunk.

8. Tim Donst beat Louis Lyndon.



1. Tarek the Legend beat Bobby Black in a 6-way match between Jake Crist, Dave Crist, American Kickboxer 2, Hyzaya, Bobby Black, and Tarek the Legend.

2. Simon Sezz beat Max Mizery.

3. Vito Thomaselli beat Joseph Schwartz.

4. Mickie Knuckles & Brandon Prophet beat Jason Pennington & Diablo. After the match, Brain Damage beat up Brandon Prophet for refusing to tag in Mickie.

5. Sami Callihan beat Toby Klein.

6. American Kickboxer beat "Poison" Appollo Starr.

7. Simon Sezz beat Ian Rotten.

8. Bull Pain beat Dave Davidson and Joey "Kidd" Owens.

9. Nate Webb beat Clifton Crunk.

10. Jon Moxley beat Danny Havok.

11. Scotty Vortekz beat Drake Younger in an unforgettable Tables, Ladders, & Chairs match!



1. Originally billed as Scotty Vortekz VS. Dave Davidson, the Former Champions Match saw the surprise returns of several former IPW Champions: Joey "Kidd" Owens, PT Hustla, James Avery (Formerly Carlton Kaz), and Clifton Crunk. The last two men standing were PT Hustla and Clifton Crunk, with PT Hustla winning.

2. Joseph Schwartz beat Sean Tyler, retaining the Mid-American Title.

3. The H3RD beat The Nobel Bloods.

4. Mena Libra beat Neveah.

5. Jesse Emerson beat Chrisjen Jayme in a Last Man Standing Match.

6. Ricochet beat Camron Sky & Dustin Rayz to reatain the IPW Jr. Heavyweight Championship. After the match, Ricochet attacked Dustin Rayz with a ladder. IPW Commissioner Brandon Prophet set up a Jr. Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match for Oct. 2.

7. Kevin Thorn beat Billy Roc.

8. Irish Airborne beat DNA to retain the Tag Team Championship.

9. Jon Moxley beat Jimmy Jacobs to retain the IPW World Championship.

10. Drake Younger beat Bryan Danielson after the match went to a time limit draw and was restarted.



Pre-Show: IPW Ownership Member Mike Williams announced that, due to some circumstances beyond his control, IPW's June 26 and July 17 shows are cancelled. The next show will be on August 21, 2010, in celebration of the IPW's 9th Anniversary.

1. Joseph Schwartz beat Chrisjen Hayme by DQ to retain his IPW Mid-American Championship after Sean Tyler attacked Joseph in the middle of the ring with a chair.

2. Aaron Williams won the 8-man Battle Royale to earn the right to face Jon Moxley in the main event for the IPW World Championship.

3. Neveah beat Mena Libra

4. DNA (Doug Charlez & Aaron Xtreme) beat the Noble Bloods (Chad Cruise & Matt taylor), the H3RD (J. Miller & Tommy Treznik) and Irish Airborne when Aaron pinned Jake Crist. The titles did NOT change hands due to the fact the Irish Airborne's contracted title match was against Tony Kozina and Ryan Drago and they were not able to make it. Thus, Irish Airborne "won" by forfeit, according Council of Champions Leader Greg Carey.

5. Tim Donst beat Kyle Threat in a Fans Bring the Weopons / Loser Leaves IPW Match.

6. Billy Roc beat Jesse Emerson.

7. Jimmy Jacobs beat Drake Younger

8. Ricochet beat Dustin Rayz & Chuck Taylor to win the IPW Jr. Heavyweight Championship.

9. Jon Moxley beat Aaron Williams to retain the IPW World Title. Post match, Jimmy Jacobs attacked Jon Moxley, causing the locker room to clear out to seperate these two.



1. Neil "Diamon" Cutter beat Matt Cage.

2. Joseph Schwartz beat Dave Davidson to retain the IPW Mid-American Championship Title.

3. Tarek the Legend beat American Kickboxer 2.

4. Dustin Rayz and Scotty Vortekz beat Aaron Extreme and Doug Charlez.

5. Chrisjen Jayme beat Jesse Emerson.

6. Tim Donst beat Kyle Threat.

7. Billy Roc beat Jeremy Hadley.

8. The Hooligans beat Irish Airborne by DQ, causing IA to retain their IPW Tag Team Titles.


4.03.10 - UPRISING

1. 6-man tag match for the Mid-American Chapionship AND the Tag Team Championship:

Joseph Schwartz had the first fall and is now the new IPW Mid-American Champion!
Irish airborne had the second fall and are now the new IPW Tag Team Champions!

2. Dave Davidson beat Aaron Williams by DQ to become the new #1 contender for the IPW Mid-American Championship.

3. Drake Younger beat Metal Master.

4. Tim Donst beat Billy Roc.

5. Jimmy Jacobs beat Kyle Threat (Formerly xOMGx), after help from Tim Donst.

6. Ricochet and Dustin Rayz went to a 15-minute draw.

7. Jon Moxley beat Scotty Vortekz to retain the IPW World Championship.



1. Matt Cage beat Jack Verville.

2. Tim Donst beat OMG. Post-match, Donst ripped off OMG's mask, giving fans a very brief glimpse of OMG's face!

3. Aaron Williams beat JC Bailey with help from Jimmy Jacobs.

4. Dave Davidson beat Neil Diamond Cutter and King Vu.

5. Irish Airborne beat The Hooligans.

6. Kosher Kulb beat Aeroform to retain the IPW Tag Team Titles.

7. Jimmy Jacobs beat Billy Roc. After the match, JC Bailey ran into the ring and attacked Jimmy Jacobs and Aaron Williams. Jacobs and Williams got the upper hand and beat Bailey for the second time in the night. IPW Commissioner Brandon Prophet made a match for April 3, 2010 - Jimmy Jacobs VS. JC Bailey.

8. Chrisjen Hayme beat Jesse Emerson to become the new IPW Mid-American Champion. Post-match, a brawl broke out between the Council of Champions and the Kosher Klub. Brandon Prophet commissioned a match for April 3, 2010 - Council of Champions VS. Kosher Klub.

9. Ricochet beat B-Boy.


2.06.10 - IPW VS. CHIKARA



1.02.10 - ANIMOSITY

1. The Kosher Klub beat Tag Team Champions Irish Airborne to win the titles.

2. Aaron Scott beat Joey "Kidd" Owens.

3. Seven Thorn beat Dave Davidson.

4. Flash Flanaga beat Billy Roc.

5. Tim Donst beat Tony Kozina.

6. Chris "The Madness" Hall beat Jeremy Hadley then Jacob Hallows in two consecutive matches.

7. Jon Moxley beat Aaron Williams by DQ.

8. Drake Younger beat JC Bailye in a #1 Contender Match for the IPW World Title.

9. Jr. Heavyweight Champion Dustin Rayz beat Kyle O'Reilly, xOMGx, and Ricochet in a 4-way.

10. IPW World Champion Scotty Vortekz beat "Poison" Appollo Starr.

11. Mid-American Champion Jesse Emerson beat Davey Richards.