11.5.11 - Insane Intentions

1. HyZaya defeated Aaron Epic

2. Jeremy Hadley defeated Sugar Dunkerton

3. The Messiahs of the New Age (Dustin Rayz & Rickey Shane Page) defeated The Young Studs (Eric Ryan & Bobby Beverly), DNA (Doug Charlez & Aaron Extreme) and The Kentucky Buffett (Matt Cage & Alex Castle) in a 4 way Tag Team match.

4. Jesse Emerson defeated Uhaa Nation

5. Remi Wilkins, Sue Jackson, Clark Konnor, Stitch Sypher, & Reed Bentley defeated Dave Crist, Alex Colon, Dave Davidson, James Avery, & Simon Sezz

6. "The Madness" Chris Hall defeated James Reeves

7. AR Fox defeated IPW Jr. Heavyweight Champion Ricochet to win the title

8. Jake Crist defeated IPW World Champion Sami Callahan and BJ Whitmer in a 3 way to win the title

9. Scotty Vortekz defeated Drake Younger in a "Fans Bring The Weapons" Steel Cage Match

10.1.11 - Shocktoberfest

1. Search for the next Jr. Heavyweight Star

Mike Williams of IPW Ownership Group announced that the contestants would be given to 10 minutes to showcase their talents. There will be no pinfalls or submissions. After the 10 minutes, the fans would determine who moves on in the search.

In the first match in the search for the next Jr. Heavyweight star, Isaias Velasquez, Stitch Sypher, Chris Castle, and JT Blackstar were given ten minutes to display their talents. And after ten jaw-dropping minutes that kept everyone from fans, to current IPW wrestlers on their feet, they were given 5 more minutes, and at the conclusion of that, the fans were to chose the winner. It turned out to be a tie between Stitch Sypher and Chris Castle, so Mike Williams announced that those two would recieve 3 more minutes after intermission, to determine a winner.

2. Remi Wilkins defeated Aaron Epic

3. Jeremy Hadley defeated Darin Corbin

4. The Kentucky Buffett (Matt Cage and Alex Castle) defeated The Young Studs (Eric Ryan and Bobby Beverly)

5. Jesse Emerson w/ Greg Carey defeated HyZaya by DQ

After Intermission, Stitch Sypher and Chris Castle went 3 more minutes, and then due to fan voting, it was determined that Stitch Sypher will be the first to advance in the search for the next Jr. Heavyweight star. Mike Williams congratulated both competitors, and announced that they both have earned spots in The IPW Super Junior Heavyweight Tournament, in January.

6. Jake Crist defeated Dustin Rayz, Uhaa Nation, and Sugar Dunkerton

7. Tarek the Legend vs. Dave Crist - time limit draw

8. AR Fox defeated Arik Cannon

9. BJ Whitmer defeated Drake Younger by submission after a hooded and masked figure distracted Drake.

8.27.11 - Assault On Autism Benefit Show

1. The Kentucky Buffet (Matt Cage and Matt Castle) d. Reed Bently and Sue Jackson

2. Jesse Emerson d. Dustin Rayz

3. Dave Crist and James Avery d. Remi Wilkins and Holly'wood Court

4. Trash d. Willie Loseagain

5. Dave Davidson d. Shawn Cook and Joey Owens

6. Tarek the Legend d. American Kickboxer 2

7. Osyris d. Tripp Cassidy

8. Drake Younger d. Hyzaha

8.20.11 - REIGN OF THE INSANE: 10th Anniversary Show


Preshow: Jon Murray, Clark Konner, Hollywood Court beat James Reeves, Tommy Thompson, Dizzy D

1. Sue Jackson, Tripp Cassidy, Remi Wilkins beat Reed Bentley, Matt Knicks, Ovriload

2. DJ Hyde beat Dave Davidson

3. Hammett beat James Avery

4. Nevaeh beat Ivelisse Velez (WWE Tough Enough Star)

5. Mid-American Championship: Champion Chrisjen Hayme beat Alex Colon, Dustin Rayz, and Hyzaha to retain the title

6. Drake Younger beat Danny Havoc in a Naptown Death Match

After the match, Drake Younger challenged Scotty Vortekz to a Fans Bring The Weapons Cage Match at the IPW afternoon show on November 5th as part of the IPW/CZW Double Header

7. Jesse Emerson w/ Greg Carey beat BJ Whitmer

8. Jr. Heavyweight Champion Ricochet beat Billy Roc

9. Tony Kozina beat Tarek The Legend

Kozina pulled Tarek's tights to get the pin after promising a fair contest before the match. After the match, out comes Davey Richards, Kyle O'Reilly, & Adam Cole. They brag about being ROH stars and go on and on about the ROH TV deal. IPW World Champion Sami Callihan comes out and tells them they have desrespected IPW on its 10th anniversary. After a back and forth verbal exchange, they jump Sami. Irish Airborne and Tarek The Legend makes the save. IPW Owner Mike Williams comes out and says he is making a change tonight and then makes an 8 Man Tag for the Main Event.

10. IPW World Champion Sami Callihan, Irish Airborne (Dave & Jake Crist), & Tarek The Legend beat ROH World Champion Davey Richards, Kyle O'Reilly, Adam Cole, & Tony Kozina

Callihan made Richards submit to get the win for his team.



1. Alex Colon and Dave Crist went to no contest when The Messiahs of a New Age attacked them, setting uo a tag match later in the night

2. Hyzaha d. Dave Davidson, Chris Hall, and new comer Kassanova

3. Jesse Emerson d. James Avery

4. Dynamite Brigade d. DNA in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match to retain the IPW Tag Team Championship

5. The Messiahs of a New Age d. Alex Colon / Dave Crist by DQ when Jake Crist hit the ring and the Irish Airborne hit the Irish Coffee on Lou Roberts

6. Chrisjen Hayme d. AR Fox to retain the IPW Mid American Championship

7. Sami Callihan d. Jake Crist to win the IPW World Heavyweight Championship

8. Scotty Vortekz d. Drake Younger in a Thumbtack Death Match



1. Rich Swann d. Alex Colon

2. Lou Roberts d. James Avery

3. Chrisjen Hayme d. Chris Lightning to retain the IPW Mid American Championship

4. Dynamite Brigade (Billy Roc and Jeremy Hadley) d. DNA (Doug Charlez and Aaron Xtreme) to WIN the IPW Tag Team Championship

5. Dave Crist d. Dustin Rayz

6. Drake Younger d. Scotty Vortekz

7. AR Fox d. Zack Sabre Jr, Sami Callihan, and Jake Crist in a 4 Way

After the main event, the Messiahs of a New Age attacked the Irish Airborne and surprised the IPW crowd when Rickey Shane Page (Formerly known as Christian Faith of the Tag Team Faith in Nothing) attacked the Irish Airborne as well and became the third member and piece of the puzzle to the Messiahs of a New Age.

4.9.11 - UPRISING

"Super" Simon Sezz def. Austin Manix

1. Tripp Cassidy beat Jesse Emerson

2. "Simply Spectacular" Dave Davidson beat "Super" Simon Sezz & Reed Bentley in a 3 way

3. Tag Team Champions DNA (Doug Charles & Aaron Xtreme) beat Dynamite Brigade (Billy Roc & Jeremy Hadley) to retain the titles

4. IPW World Champion Jimmy Jacobs beat Dave Crist by DQ. Messiahs Of A New Age interfered.

5. Louis Lyndon beat Marion Fountaine

6. Chrisjen Hayme beat PT Hustla to win the vacant Mid-American Championship

7. Scotty Vortex beat Tarek the Legend

8. Messiahs Of A New Age (Dustin Rayz & Sweet Lou Roberts) beat Dave Crist & James Avery

3.5.11 - UNTITLED

"Super" Simon Sezz def. Austin Mannix

1. AR Fox def. Louis Lyndon

2. Drake Younger was disqualified after hitting a low-blow on Scotty Vortekz. After the match Drake attacked the ref then threw a fireball in Scotty's face!

3. Roc & Hadley def. The Clash

4. DNA def. The Irish Airborne and The Messiahs of a New Age to retain the IPW Tag Team Titles

5. Chrisjen Hayme def. Tony Kozina to qualify for the IPW Mid-American Championship match on April 9th!

6. PT Hustla def. Dave Davidson to qualify for the IPW Mid-American Championship match on April 9th!

7. Jimmy Jacobs def. Jesse Emerson to retain the IPW World Heavyweight Title

After the match, The Messiahs of a New Age attacked Jimmy Jacobs. The Irish Airborne hit the ring to make the save!


1. Drake Younger beat Tripp Cassidy

2. PT Hustla beat Reed Bently

3. Billy Roc and Jeremy Hadley beat Dave Davidson and Simon Sezz

4. Scotty vortekz and Drake Younger had an impromtu fight

5. Jesse Emerson beat Chrisjen Hayme


1. Dustin Rayz beat Rich Swann.

2. Chuck Taylor beat Jeremy Hadley.

3. Scotty Vortekz beat Simon Sezz. After the match, "The Goldenboy" Drake Younger ran into the ring and attacked Scotty. Kyle Threat attempted the make the save, but Drake beat him down as well.

4. Jesse Emerson beat Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana.

5. Sami Callihan beat Kyle O'Reilly.

6. Ricochet beat AR Fox.

7. Jimmy Jacobs beat Jon Moxley to become IPW's New World Heavyweight Champion. After the match, Sweet Lou Roberts comes into the ring to inverview Jimmy. After interrupting and berating him, Dustin Rayz runs to ring and attacks Jimmy Jacobs from behind. Sami Callihan runs to the ring to make the save, causing Dustin and Sweet Lou to run out of the ring.

8. The Irish Airborne beat The American Wolves! After the match, Davey Richards congratulates Dave & Jake on their victory. He then says that maybe it's time for The Irish Airborne to come back to ROH, and leaves us with one word, REMATCH.