Show 48: Excerpt - Alaskan Teens & Access to STD Testing

Whether or not teens make the choice to engage in safe sexual relationships, there is always the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease after intercourse. Getting tested and treated for a STD can be as easy as visiting a local public health clinic, but what if you're too shy to be seen in person, live in an area not served by a local clinic or simply can't get a ride? Johns Hopkins University and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention introduced a mail-order STD test kit in 2004 on the east coast to much success among teens and young people. (Report: Free Web-based Ordering of Home Test Kits for Sexually Transmitted Infections Proves Popular and Effective with Teens and Young People) Now this same program has come to Alaska.You can order a kit at, and visit to learn more about sexual health, testing and resources in Alaska.

For testing in person in Anchorage: The POWER Teen Center is located in the 6th Avenue transit center in downtown Anchorage. It’s a place for teens to go just to hang out - there are snacks, movies, video games and teen educators on staff. Teens can also take advantage of a full range of reproductive care services – including free STD and pregnancy testing done by a nurse three days a week. A counselor is on staff to talk to teens who need emotional support. The center says it’s able to help about 50 teens every week. KTD Producer Sarah Gonzales has the story.


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