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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Kiss frontman needs more hip surgery

Kiss frontman Paul Stanley has gone through two hip replacement surgeries and says there's more on the way. Stanley told us that his degenerative hip condition has not been properly repaired, and he's in the process of deciding what to do next:
[ click here to listen if you have a Backstage Pass] "I think I'm not done. I think that, unfortunately, things just haven't gone as smoothly as expected, and the second, you know, revision of that first surgery just didn't do what was necessary. And I think after the new year I'm gonna have to start looking to probably have something re-done."

The 55-year-old says the degeneration of his left hip is partly the product of thousands of shows performed since the early '70s.

Stanley has finished work on a solo album that he plans to release in 2006.

Kiss have just released a new concert DVD, Kiss Rock the Nation Live!, which was filmed last year in Washington D.C.. The DVD includes the group's 20-song performance as well as behind-the-scenes features and interviews.

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