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Electricity and Magnetism


Electricity and Magnetism

Electricity & Magnetism

  • Build an Electrical Logging Tool

    Build a Logging Tool

    While an oil well is being drilled, a logging tool may be lowered into the borehole to gather data that is used to produce a kind of graph known as a log. Try building a model of logging tool… read more  

  • The Electrical Resistivity of Materials

    Electrical Resistivity of Materials

    This experiment will help you understand how geologists can measure electrical resistivity to identify types of rock or detect oil underground… read more  

  • Fruit Power

    Fruuit Power

    Did you know that some of the fruits and vegetables you eat could also help you make electricity? Try this and see! read more  

  • Magnetic Relaxation

    Magnetic Relaxation

    The nuclei of some atoms line up with a magnetic field, then "relax" when the field is removed. Build your own electromagnet to see how this works. read more  

  • A Two-Level Headlamp For A Bicycle

    Low beam

    Automobile headlights have two settings. The high beam, or bright setting, is used in rural areas when more illumination is needed. read more  

  • Build a Better Battery

    Grapefruit battery(1)

    Our lemon batteries used zinc and copper as electrodes. You could try other metals.  read more  

  • Make an Electromagnet

    Magnetic Relaxation

    This SEED Engineering Challenge is to build the best electromagnet you can. read more