Alton Towers Resort looks to the future

The Alton Towers Resort’s Long Term Development Plan outlining its destination strategy for the next ten years, has been unveiled at an exhibition at the Resort on Friday and Saturday 26th, 27th June. It not only underlines the Resort’s confidence in the future but also clearly builds on its successful repositioning over the past two seasons.


“Whilst we won’t be revealing the exact details of our plans for the next ten years, as these are commercially sensitive, it will broadly explain where we are going with our destination strategy and why we think it is so important to the whole area in economic terms,” explained Ian Crabbe, Alton Towers Resort Divisional Director. 


The tourism industry is nationally very important to the UK economy, creating 2.1 million jobs (7% of all UK employment) and raising around £74 billion in tourist spending. The Alton Towers Resort’s contribution to Staffordshire has grown consistently over the years, and is critical to the continued success of the area.  The Resort generates over £38 million of income in its local economy, and £73 million overall in the West Midlands regional economy - both for local suppliers and other support businesses which rely on its guests for their income – hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, retailers, taxi firms and many more.  It is also one of the largest private sector employers in this area, directly responsible for 2,900 jobs locally and well over 3,500 in the West Midlands region.


Having considered a number of development options, the Resort aims to follow a plan which will maintain and build its competitive position in the leisure marketplace via continuous targeted investment including in transport, ecology, woodland and heritage strategies, without impacting on the surrounding area.


“The aim of this strategy is to increase the number of multi-night stays that we get at the Resort,” continued Crabbe.  “Broadly, that means adding more attractions, both family and thrill orientated, on a regular basis so there is simply too much to do in a single day – and thus to encourage our guests to spend more time with us.  Longer term we also see the Resort becoming a base from which guests will spend a longer time in the area generally – to everyone’s advantage.   To support this – and at a later stage - we will also need to review the many different options open to us in supplying additional accommodation and other services,  both by working closely with other local businesses, and on our own site.   Initially however we aim to support this strategy by lengthening both the hours that we operate and the season itself to spread our visitor volume over a longer period.  By encouraging more of our guests to stay with us we are also reducing the effects of vehicle movements on the local road network during busy periods which of course is also important given the sensitivities around road access.”


A detailed transportation survey was completed as part of the Resort’s Long Term Development plan which concluded that additional access is not required given the strategic focus of the Resort.  However other, more environmentally friendly, mitigation measures are to be pursued, including Active Traffic Management during the busy school trip period at the beginning of July and the creation of a Traffic Liaison Group with the District and County Councils to monitor usage and effects.


“Alton Towers Resort operates in an increasingly competitive environment and it is essential to have a clear strategy going forward that can react both to the needs of our guests, and which acknowledges our role and responsibility to the community in which we operate.   We intend to remain the UK’s number one family short break destination and this strategy will help us both to achieve our own goals, and in so doing, to also act as a catalyst to increase the potential for many other businesses in the region.” concluded Crabbe.


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