A year of Arab Spring

Zvi Bar'el / Arab League mission to Syria has nothing to do with saving lives

It is very doubtful whether monitors will be able to do their job faithfully, without reaching the killing fields, which have already been declared out-of-bounds.

11 comments Syria Anti-government protesters - Reuters - 22122011
Al Jazeera announcer - Reuters - December 2011
Akiva Eldar / Al Jazeera: Covering the revolutions or fueling them?

Al Jazeera has closely followed the uprisings in the Arab world, and some even say that the Qatar-based satellite station was a factor in them. The station claims it is neutral, though not everyone agrees.

Bernard-Henri Levy in Misrata - Marc Roussel - December 2011
Sefy Hendler / 'How I liberated Libya'

In his new book, Bernard-Henri Levy describes the revolution in Libya as the first European war of the 21st century, and recounts conversations in which he worked to convince Sarkozy to deploy forces there. A conversation with the philosopher who insists that he'd never vote for the French president and that he hates war.

Saban forum  - Ralph Aswang - December 3 2012
Yossi Verter / The Arab Spring turned Netanyahu into the national fearmonger

In the last year, Middle Eastern leaders have been ousted and denounced, have been slaughtered or have engaged in slaughter. The response of Israel's premier has been to become more entrenched in his own views - and in passivity, as Tzipi Livni puts it.

Lara Logan - AP - December 2011
Yael Lavie / What's a nice girl like you doing in a war zone?

A TV producer who has worked in various Middle Eastern flash points bemoans the fact that women journalists are still considered an oddity in the field.

Egyptian soldiers praying - Getty Images - December 2011
Harel and Issacharoff / Warning: More shake-ups ahead

Next year will bring more upheaval in the Arab world, most likely beginning with Syria, predicts Military Intelligence. The upshot? A new form of military preparedness is needed.

Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia - NYT - December 2011
Anshel Pfeffer / Tunisia: An ongoing laboratory for Arab revolution

A year after the self-immolation of a vegetable vendor in Tunisia sparked a political tidal wave across the Arab world, it's hard to point to much positive change in the North African country. Unemployment remains high, Islamists won a plurality in elections, and women fight to wear the niqab in public.

Benjamin Netanyahu - Emil Salman
Aluf Benn / Springtime for the Israeli right as well

The fears unleashed by the Arab Spring have brought Benjamin Netanyahu closer than ever to perpetuating both ideology and rule.

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