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Arthur Hoyle


Assistant Professor of Law and Technology


  • Bachelor of Arts ANU (Majors in Politics (double) and History) (1984)
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies University of Canberra (1995)
  • Bachelor of Laws with Honours University of Canberra (1997)
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice ANU (2002)
  • Master of Laws University of Canberra (2003)
  • Barrister of the High Court of Australia
  • Legal Practitioner in the Supreme Court of the ACT

Past Professional Experience

During a twenty year career in the Australian Public Service, including service abroad with the Department of Foreign Affairs and as a Defence Analyst for the Department of Defence, Arthur Hoyle amassed considerable experience relevant to the study and teaching of law. In 1994 and concurrently with his study in the law program at the University of Canberra, he assumed responsibility for teaching Law and Technology to both staff and students of the University. In addition to teaching at the University of Canberra in Australia and offshore in Fiji, China, Hong Kong and Singapore, he has for several years conducted a busy consultancy with clients such as the ACT Government and several private organisations.


Arthur has frequently presented short courses to Government and Private sector groups of professionals on Basic Law, Business law, E-law, Intellectual Property generally, and Intellectual Property in Contracting. He has planned and delivered courses in Australia, Asia and Europe, as well as professional papers at significant relevant international conferences in Europe, China and the USA.

He has significant experience researching, authoring and co-authoring academic and public treatises on corporate law, intellectual property in the digital age, information technology law, on electronic legal and other research. He has published in international journals, and encyclopedias in Europe and Australia and is in demand for public lectures on the subject.

Research & Areas of Interest

As the inaugural Director of the National Court of the Future project, Arthur brought into existence a world-leading facility providing for scholarly and practical investigation of the effects of technology on the delivery of justice in the digital age. Subsequently he has concentrated on operational matters and engaging in appropriate research on behalf of the Court, and in delivery lectures and papers internationally on the subject. He had responsibility for the procurement and introduction of Video Conferencing facility to the University of Canberra, and has served as Law Programme Manager of the School of Law at the UC. He has further research interest in the areas of Intellectual Property Law and E-Business Law.


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  • 2000 Australian Sports Medal (ASM)
  • 2003 Finalist Australian Educational Publishing Awards (Teaching and Learning Package)