The Revenge of Shinobi™

The Revenge of Shinobi™

Nintendo Points: 800

Platform: Wii

Genre: Action

Rating: Mature Audiences, M

Publisher: Sega

System: SEGA Megadrive

Players: 1

Supported Controllers :


Classic Controller

GameCube controller

The Revenge of Shinobi™

In this classic SEGA MEGA DRIVE action game, you play as Joe Musashi, a ninja out to avenge his teacher's death and destroy the evil Shadow Master and his criminal empire, ""Neo Zeed"".

A sequel to the arcade favourite Shinobi, you once again traverse varied environments, including the bamboo forests of Japan and the streets of New York City. Fight your way through enemies by swinging your katana, throwing shurikens and performing special Ninjutsu moves!

Battle unique bosses and progress through each stage to reach the final confrontation against the head of Neo Zeed - the Shadow Master.

The Revenge of Shinobi™
The Revenge of Shinobi™
Rating - Mature Audiences

Mature Audiences

Recommended for mature audiences