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1957 By Election Results



 Lewisham North 

  DATE:       14th February 1957

Mr N McDermot Labour 18,516
Mr N W Farmer Conservative 17,406
Miss L Greene Independent Labour 1,487

Majority 1,110

Labour gain from Conservative




  DATE:       28th February 1957

Mr J T Stonehouse Labour 22,235
Mr P H B Tapsell Conservative 9,999
Mr M J Wade Independent 3,529

Majority 12,236

Labour hold



 Carmarthenshire - Carmarthen 

  DATE:       28th February 1957

Lady M Lloyd George Labour 23,679
Mr J M Davies Liberal 20,610
Mrs J E Davies Welsh Nationalist 5,741

Majority 3,069

Labour gain from Liberal



Bristol West

  DATE:       7th March 1957

Mr R G Cooke Conservative 24,545
Mr W T Rodgers Labour 10,423

Majority 14,162

Conservative hold



Warwickshire - Warwick & Leamington

  DATE:       7th March 1957

Mr J G S Hobson Conservative 24,948
Mr W Wilson Labour 22,791

Majority 2,157

Conservative hold




  DATE:       21st March 1957

Mr P C  Goodhart Conservative 29,621
Mr N D Sandelson Labour 17,445

Majority 12,176

Conservative hold



Newcastle-upon-Tyne North

  DATE:       21st March 1957

Mr R W Elliott Conservative 19,017
Mr T L MacDonald Labour 12,555

Majority 6,462

Conservative hold



Edinburgh South

  DATE:       29th May 1957

Mr A M C Hutchinson Conservative 14,421
Mr J A Forsyth Labour 9,781
Hon. W Douglas Home Liberal 7,439

Majority 4,640

Conservative hold



East Ham North

  DATE:       30th May 1957

Mr R E Prentice Labour 12,546
Mr J H S Bangay Conservative 6,567
Mr E Martell People's League 2,730
Mr W H Christopher I.L.P 458

Majority 5,979

Labour hold




  DATE:       30th May 1957

Lady Gammans Conservative 24,169
Mr F E Mostyn Labour 21,038

Majority 3,131

Conservative hold



Dorset North

  DATE:       27th June 1957

Col. R H Glyn Conservative 15,513
Mr J A Emlyn-Jones Liberal 12,411
Mr H J Dutfield Labour 6,278
Mr H C Wright Independent 170

Majority 3,102

Conservative hold




  DATE:       12th September 1957

Mr J Diamond Labour 18,895
Mr F J V H Dashwood Conservative 10,521
Lt. Col. P H Lort-Philips Liberal 7,393

Majority 8,374

Labour hold




  DATE:       24th October 1957

Mr D M Foot Labour 26,898
Mr J C Cobbold Conservative 19,161
Miss M Sykes Liberal 12,587

Majority 7,737

Labour hold



Leicester South East

  DATE:       28th November 1957

Mr W J Peel Conservative 18,023
Miss B Boothroyd Labour 11,541

Majority 6,482

Conservative hold



Liverpool Garston

  DATE:       5th December 1957

Mr R M Bingham Conservative 15,521
Mr I L Levin Labour 11,217
Mr A D Dennis Liberal 4,807

Majority 4,304

* Conservative hold

(* Previous MP was Independent Conservative at resignation)