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DotA 2 At ESWC
@ Scene news channel

Top level DotA players around the world will be waking up to a very pleasant surprise this morning, well, ones that have qualified for this years ESWC anyway..

Not only will the qualified teams and players be given early access to the hugely anticipated sequel to their beloved game, but they will be competing against each other in DotA 2 come ESWC final time. The ESWC organising committee have been hard at work and have managed to strike up a deal with Valve which will see DotA 2 showcased at their event next month instead of the original title, only the second time the game has featured at a competitive event following the huge success of The International earlier this year at Gamescom.

Sadly Valve won't be checking the back of their sofa's for a spare $1,600,000 this time and teams will have to settle for the mere $22,000 prize money on offer from the ESWC. Boohoo. Good news for teams attending the event though is that they will each be provided with beta keys for DotA 2, giving them plenty of time to get some practice in before flying out to Paris on October 20th. Plenty more DotA 2 beta keys will be handed out live at the ESWC to the lucky spectators who show up to watch the games.

The Press Release read:

The Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) organizing committee is glad to announce a major change for the Dota tournament. Dota teams attending the ESWC 2011 Grand Final will play on Dota 2 made available thanks to Valve.

The release of Dota 2 is planned for the beginning of 2012. The closed beta already started and the success of The International held in Germany earlier this year has demonstrated the huge interest toward this game from the players as from the community. It’s natural that ESWC wish move forward with the Dota community and the support of Valve to make Dota 2 available to the teams attending the ESWC Grand Final.

In order to put all teams qualified in the best conditions of equity and training, Valve will provide to each ESWC Dota players a Dota 2 key in order to access to the closed beta and practice the game before the event. Few keys will be also offered to privileged ESWC's spectators during raffle on the event.

It’s still possible to qualify in Europe for the ESWC 2011 and play Dota 2 tournament:

In order to participate in the regional online qualifier, register on The final four of this preliminary will get slots for the Grand Final while Top 2 will get accommodation with bed and breakfast as well.

Dota 2 tournament will distribute a total prize of $22,000 for the 3 best teams of the tourney

The ESWC 2011 Grand Final will be hosted in Paris from October 20th to 25th at the video game show Paris Games Week. A total purse of $200,000 prize will be distributed to the best video game player.

It's still possible to qualify for the DotA 2 tournament by heading over to The ESL Website and signing up. will be providing live coverage from Paris next month, make sure you stay tuned.

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