Stephen Russell Stephen Russell

Robin Hood or Marion of Sherwood (2010)

Puss 'n' Boots (2009)

The Fool of the World... (2008)

WHAT for Kids

In 2002 Stephen Russell, who has acted in many WHAT shows since 1987, launched WHAT for Kids, writing and directing hits like, The Three Sillies, The Very Sad Tale of the Late Mr. Stiltskin, Xenia Hedgehog's Academy of Etiquette for Naughty Boysand Girls in Nine Convenient and Easy Lessons; Fool of the World and The Flying Ship; Daisy Crockett, Frontiersperson!; Puss 'n' Boots: The Adventures of Ocelot Ugg and, in 2010, Robin Hood or Marian of Sherwood.

Rich McKey & Amanda Collins in Robin Hood