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Thermaltake V3 BlacX Edition Case Review

 - 27th Mar 2012
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Thermaltake V3 BlacX Case Review

Thermaltake V3 BlacX Edition Case Review

When designing cases there are really two schools of thought within the manufacturers. On one hand you have the personnel who are tasked with creating the next fantastic high end chassis with an emphasis on maximum quality and features, with minimal concern for budget. On the other hand we have the need for lower cost, even entry level cases which try to offer as many key features and a decent quality at a competitive price.

Today's case falls into the entry level gamer category and is the Thermaltake V3 BlacX Edition. Tt have tried to pack as many features as they can into this case including USB 3.0 and SSD support while keeping costs at a minimum so let's see how they have done.

Packaging and Bundle

Thermaltake package the V3 BlacX Edition in a box which shows a clear view of the case as well as highlighting its key feature on the front, more on that shortly. Upon opening the box we find the case suspended in polystyrene and wrapped in a plastic bag with protective covers on some of the surfaces.

Bundled with the case is a short manual, all of our screws for the build and a speaker for those motherboards that do not have one.
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