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Gemini Delta - SQL Difference Manager for .NET
Gemini Delta is the fastest, most light-weight SQL Database comparison tool available! Gemini Delta is a SQL Difference Manager which allows you to compare Scalar Functions, Table Functions, Tables, Views, Triggers, Indexes, and Stored Procedures.

You can also compare saved Object Definition scripts (especially useful for users who maintain database files in source control) for Functions, Stored Procedures, Triggers, and Views.

Gemini Delta allows you to compare metadata, object definition, schema, and object permissions while managing and changing data connections on the fly.

* UPDATE 4/20/2011*

Here are the results of benchmark testing Gemini Delta V1.5 against a few competitors. Each of the products retrieved, then compared 1,000 Stored Procedures. (500 in each database.)
Product Time 1 Time 2 Time 3 Avg
Gemini Delta 1.5 1.7s 1.8s 1.7s 1.73s
redgate SQL Compare 11s 11s 11.9s 11.3s
SQL Examiner 2010 14.5s 14.7s 14.7s 14.63s
ApexSQL Diff 24s 23s 22.4s 23.13s
Gemini Delta - SQL Difference Manager for .NET V1.5 was over 6.5X faster than redgate SQL Compare, 8.4X faster than SQL Examiner 2010, and 13.3X faster than ApexSQL Diff!
Host DB Servers were both running on Windows Server 2003 R2, x64, Quad-Core Xeon 3GHz Processor, with 6GB of RAM. Host Apps were running on Windows XP SP3, x86, Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz Processor, with 3 GB of RAM. Trials performed by Gemini Software Solutions, LLP.
Gemini Delta - Screenshots
Gemini Delta Screenshot 1 Gemini Delta Screenshot 2 Gemini Delta Screenshot 3 Gemini Delta Screenshot 4
Download Gemini Delta - SQL Difference Manager for .NET V1.6
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Download Gemini Delta - SQL Difference Manager for .NET
COMING SOON - Gemini SQL Block Watcher
Get notifications instantly when the database is locking up!
COMING SOON - Gemini SQL Top Process Manager
Keep track of unnecessarily long running processes
COMING SOON - Gemini DB Cleanup Consultant
DB Cleanup Consultant will help you clean up your database. It informs you of unused DB Objects including Indexes, Stored Procedures, and Functions. It also informs you of duplicate indexes, or other redundant data objects.
Gemini Progress Panel for .NET
The Gemini Progress Panel Control for .NET replaces the standard Microsoft Progress Bar control for Windows Developers. The control is completely customizable, offering over 45 built-in color scheme templates, 7 user-definable color properties, 3 speeds, 5 widths, 4 gradient display modes, and vertical or horizontal orientation options.
Gemini Progress Panel for .NET - Screenshots
Progress Panel SS5 Progress Panel SS5 Progress Panel SS1

Progress Panel SS2

Progress Panel SS3

Progress Panel SS4

Progress Panel SS7

Progress Panel SS8
Progress Panel SS5 Progress Panel SS5
Download Gemini Progress Panel for .NET
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Download Gemini Progress Panel Control for .NET
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...we used Gemini Delta during our most recent code deployment and it worked like a charm. The compare to files feature is awesome. It's great having the piece of mind knowing your Production environment is totally synced up with your dev environment. Nice work - really looking forward to the full version.” - Patrick, Fitchburg, MA

Gemini Delta is by far the simplest, and most light-weight DB Diff tool I've ever used. Yes, it's great to help keep our databases in sync, but in our business, where our production software relies so heavily on Stored Procedures and Functions, the Compare-to-Files' feature is an absolute must-have.” - John, Avon, CT

Perfect! Exactly what we were looking for... helps with deployments, nice work.” - Roberto, Review
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