January 28, 2011

The Renault-Nissan Alliance reports record sales
of 7,276,398 units in 2010

The Renault-Nissan Alliance had a record year with 7,276,398 units sold in 2010, a 19.6% increase over 2009 in a market that expanded by 11.8%.
The Renault-Nissan Alliance captured 10.3%* of the global market in 2010.

Renault and Nissan sold 2,625,796 and 4,080,588** vehicles respectively. Sales of Lada accounted for 570,014 units, a 37.6% increase compared to previous year. Renault's worldwide sales increased by 14% and Nissan's by 21.5%.

"In 2010, the Renault-Nissan Alliance achieved unprecedented global sales and global market share. Our performance has been particularly encouraging in growth markets where Alliance brands have continued to gain market share," said Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

"As the most enduring partnership in the automobile industry, the 12-year-old Alliance continues to strengthen its global presence with our expanding production capacity and competitive products," added Carlos Ghosn.

*Total PC+LCV market sales based on Renault estimates: 70 476 213 units
** Sales based on calendar year 2010

Renault group highlights

The Renault group has set a new record with sales reaching 2.6 million vehicles, an increase of 14% on 2009. The five regions of the Group boosted their volumes and market shares in all regions except for the Euromed region where sales decreased by 0.2 point. All the brands contributed to the Group's sales increase: Renault grew by 14%, Dacia by 12% and Renault Samsung Motors by 19%.

In Europe, the Renault group raised the sales volume by 7.4% with 1,642,000 units sold in a market that contracted by 3.7%. The Renault brand moved up one place in the rankings to become number 2 in passenger car (PC) and light utility vehicle (LCV) sales. In LCV sales, the brand consolidated its number 1 position with a market share of 15.9%.

Outside Europe, the Group is continuing to progress with sales volumes surging by 26% to almost 983,731 units. Sales of Renault Samsung Motors increased by 16.5% on its domestic PC market, reaching 11.9% of market share in South Korea. With 155,697 units sold, South Korea is Renault Group's fourth largest market.

The Renault group sales outside Europe accounted for 37% of total sales, compared with 34% in 2009.

Nissan highlights

Nissan closed the year with record sales of 4,080,588 units, up 21.5% compared to previous year.

China has become Nissan's largest market worldwide with 1,023,638 units sold, a 35.5% increase on 2009. Sales were led by the midsize sedan Sylphy, with 142,367 units sold and the flagship car model Teana, with sales of 140,842 units.

In the US, Nissan and Infiniti sales totaled 908,570 units, an 18% increase over 2009. Nissan finished the year 2010 strong with increasing demand in December for models including Rogue (+58.2%) and Versa (+49.8%).

In Japan, government subsidies and launches of five new models such as March, Juke and Serena contributed to the 7.7% increase of sales of 645,320 units.

In Europe, Nissan reached a 3.1% market share, the highest since 1995. Total sales increased by 13% to 555,924 units. Nissan's main market in Europe was the UK with 96,419 units sold, followed by Russia with 84,288 units. Qashqai remains a strong contributor to Nissan's European performance with 235,462 units sold, an 18% increase on 2009.

In Mexico, Nissan toped domestic sales for the second consecutive year with 189,518 units sold. Nissan had four vehicles in Mexico's top ten best-selling cars.

The top 10 Renault-Nissan Alliance markets
China 1,038,343 6.2%
United States 908,570 7.8%
France 803,336 30.1%
Russia* 699,416 36.5%
Japan 647,864 13.2%
Germany 232,661 7.5%
United Kingdom 209,812 9.3%
Mexico 207,564 25.3%
Italy 201,498 9.4%
Brazil 196,073 5.9%
*Including Lada
Top 10 Renault group Markets
France 743,486 27.9%
Russia** 615,128 32.3%
Germany 171,411 5.5%
Brazil 160,297 4.8%
South Korea* 155,697 10.1%
Italy 140,678 6.6%
Spain 124,813 11.4%
Turkey 114,111 14.9%
United Kingdom 113,393 5.0%
Belgium + Luxembourg 84,696 12.9%
* Renault Samsung Motors
** Lada: 518,662 units / Renault: 96,466 units
Top 10 Nissan Markets
China 1,023,638 6.2%
US 908,570 7.8%
Japan 645,320 13.0%
Mexico 189,518 23.1%
United Kingdom 96,419 4.3%
Russia 84,288 4.4%
Canada 83,013 5.3%
Australia 62,670 6.1%
Germany 61,250 2.1%
Italy 60,820 2.9%


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