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Siemens Building Technologies Acquires Vistascape Security Systems

Acquisition teams world-class technology with global reach, R&D resources of Siemens

BUFFALO GROVE, IL, Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., announced today it has completed the transaction to acquire VistaScape Security Systems Corp., of Atlanta. VistaScape is a leading developer of automated video analytic technology designed to protect critical infrastructure from a broad spectrum of threats. VistaScape will operate under its existing brand as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Siemens Building Technologies.

“True security is a paramount goal for our customers,” says Jens Michael Wegmann, global head and president of the security systems division for Siemens Building Technologies. “But there comes a point in security system design when more can actually become less. A large facility may spend millions on ‘more’—more cameras; more personnel and more fences—but the investment won’t net a gain in actual security. With VistaScape’s core enabling technology, networks of surveillance devices can be deployed for maximum effect, and monitored more effectively by fewer security staff, which frees resources for further enhancements to the overall system,” Wegmann adds.

Since 1999, VistaScape pioneered the use of geospatially-aware intelligent video surveillance technologies that provide responders with real-time situational awareness about the nature and location of potential security violations. With VistaScape, Siemens extends its ability to create integrated security systems that will serve the needs of critical infrastructure sites serving the transportation, logistics, refining and process industries worldwide. The company’s flagship product is a policy-based software solution that combines these capabilities together with input from other field devices, like intrusion sensors and access control, for proactive alerting and enterprise-wide security management.

“VistaScape began as a small startup with the idea that there was a better way to view and manage security,” says PJ Lynch, CEO of VistaScape. “We are excited to be a part of Siemens, a world class research organization and one of the most trusted names in security.

This is an especially proud moment for our employees, who will continue to develop and implement innovative solutions to confront the most urgent challenges of security.” Siemens will contribute R&D resources and intellectual property to VistaScape from Siemens Corporate Research (SCR), which is a leader in a range of complementary safety and security technologies. These include video analytics for applications such as highway and subway tunnel monitoring, building interiors and facial recognition.