May 2, 2011

Creator Rescue Robot introduce you to the infamous Heat Test!

Today our Creator Rescue Robot has volunteered to introduce you to one of the most intense tests our LEGO models go through—the infamous Heat Test!

Our brave volunteer has no fear. He’s convinced he can take the heat!

Like all our LEGO models, he has to withstand 60 degree temperatures for 4 hours in a special heat cabinet. What might be worse is that inside the chamber there are no windows, no music & no refreshing drinks!

The reason we heat test is to simulate what our models would be like after sitting in direct sunlight for a year. The warm temperature loosens the connections between the LEGO bricks and highlights major weaknesses.

Even a model as strong and powerful as our Rescue Robot can still fall victim to the Heat Test!

Ugh-Oh! All the dust around the cabinet has caused our hero to sneeze! This doesn’t look good…

How about we add a bit of support to his back?

This Technic beam really does the trick! Now our hero has a nice strong back which will keep him together when you kids fly him into action.

Our heat test has come to the rescue! Now our fearless robot is ready to take on any challenge—even dust!!

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