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online web analytics, site metrics and statistics from for online businesses providing accurate and reliable measurement of visitor traffic statistics.

clickbench hosted web analytics is much more than a free hit counter that only counts page hits, it offers comprehensive online web site analytics, metrics and statistics necessary for design and marketing decisions to increase visitor traffic, site usability and online profitability.

clickbench employs high performance purpose built servers in a asp hosted solution to collect detailed page visit statistics and measurements of site visits and then post processes the data on backend analysis servers for remote presentation in web analytics formats to our ecommerce and internet enterprise clients.

clickbench service markets

  • hosted web analytics
  • online site analytics
  • visitor click analysis
  • demographic metrics and statistics
  • technical metrics and statistics
  • traffic measurement and analysis
  • ecommerce ppc analysis
  • publisher cpm analysis
  • ppc roi analysis
  • click tracking
  • click path tracking and analysis
  • online metrics and statistics
  • exit path statistics tracking
  • ecommerce business intelligence
  • site visit segmentation
  • landing page bounce detection
  • destination tracking and analysis
  • ppc click fraud detection
  • kpi key performance indicators
  • web site statistics and metrics

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