Photo of the Mayor of London and an electric car charging

Suppliers of charging infrastructure:

  • Currently, the most common public charging point in the UK is the Elektrobay, manufactured by Elektomotive. Some 40 plus of these smart meters are installed in several London boroughs, as well as about the same number again in other UK cities.

  • Park and Power - another UK-based company, has designed the dual socket ‘Power Tower’.

  • Infracharge (in association with the Electric Car Company) has recently announced its POD Point on-street charging solution, designed as a single or twin outlet system.

  • Pavement Power proposes a low-cost charging solution, suitable for un-metered electricity supply.

  • DBT (La Douaisienne de Basse Tension), a French firm, supplies a number of metered and unmetered charging points in cities such as Paris and La Rochelle. The company supplies the on-street metered ‘Borne VE’ model and the unmetered ‘Borne LRH Libre’ version, as well as other (off-street) designs.

  • SGTE Power is another French manufacturer.

  • Epyon in the Netherlands provides advanced ultra-fast charging solutions for electric vehicles that are used in critical business processes such as delivery of goods and transportation of people.

  • Coulomb Technologies - California, USA. Coulomb’s smart plug-in vehicle charging infrastructure, called the ChargePoint Network, communicates with and individually controls ‘Smartlet’ networked charging stations to provide authentication, usage monitoring and real-time control.

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Charging points

The Mayor has committed to work with the boroughs and other partners to deliver 25,000 charge points across London by 2015. The Draft Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy sets out detailed plans to deliver this network.

map of charge points in London