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Natacha Roussel


Experientiae Electricae / Planetary Collegium Plymouth UniversitySummaryPixy came out of the need to overcome limitations in already existing video displays. It displays a low resolution image one can manipulate and physically distort. Each pixel of the image is an autonomous physical element made from electroluminescent sheets that can be moved, placed on a volume and can become an object.Pixy challenges the definition of video by transforming each pixel into an object and video into a volume, The resulting low resolution image becomes an immersive experience.We conceived the Pixy as an experiment that questions the place of volumetric visual media at varying architectural scalesThe perception of this materialised video in space reconfigures the perceptual approach to the image both in terms of time and space—an unstable and constantly transforming state.As low-resolution images keep disappearing both in time and space, it still however renders the grey tones and flux of video that directly relates it to humanity.Pixy lets us manipulate space to the benefit of images. Physical space disappearing is replaced by chosen videos. Placed at a wall and floor angle, it hides the room behind a moving image creating an open hole within the fixed wall of the architectural space, This gap is filled by images of life. The video display strong experiences, disruptions and sudden events in time by suddenly changing the smooth perception of the flux of video as a transformation in the system.Pixy is a production of the French Canadian collective Experientiae Electricae. Co-produced by Vidéographe (Montreal) and ARCADI (France) and a co-production residency at Banff new Media Institute.Experientiae Electricae is an open collaboration between artists designers and engineesr, who unite to develop an independent research lab along 2 axes: co-creation, and powerful minimalist technology design, ie: experimenting with electricity.    Biography    Experientiae Electricae (EE) brings together artist Natacha Roussel and designer Michel Panouillot with electronic engineer Michael Roy. Each of us driven by the desire to overcome his own support, we benefit from the sum of our knowledge to develop the poetic potential of the interactive relation integrating technologies based on rudimentary electronic principles and leading to multimedia works. During our life in Quebec (1998-2004), Experientiae Electricae was formed around the project intra (Dare-Dare, Montréal 2003) a multi sensorial installation where the sensual interaction space is an evocation of life in a 3D environment. Since Jeux (La chapelle theater Montréal, 2004) and Organism (Western Front, Vancouver, 2005) We conceive installations for a group of users where relations are guided by playfulness and collaboration,that are pursued with our current project a multiuser intelligent universe under development at Le Cube (Paris). We are also currently producing the Pixy, a modular flexible video display a under a Bursary from ARCADI (conseil régional d’île de France) and support from the Canada Council for the Arts. It was co produced by SAT, Videographe (Montreal) and further development in at Banff New Media Institute at the Liminal Screen residency. Pixy will be presented in 2008 at Subbtle technologies (Toronto) Media architecture (Berlin) and Champ libre (Montreal)website 

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