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Information and discussion site for creating TheGlobalSquare

Design Philosophy

TheGlobalSquare is a decentralized social and organizational environment which respects privacy for individuals and transparency for public organizations and actions. We facilitate open communication while retaining individual control over privacy. We support the right of individuals to assemble, associate and collaborate and to choose the manner of doing so. We support the right of individuals to share information in order to further our education and progress. We support individual participation in the actions and organizations which affect them.

Our goal is to create working structures that allow collaboration on a massive scale. We strive to eliminate coercive hierarchical structures and centralized authority. respect individual and local autonomy and produce work of the highest quality. We encourage the use of transparency as communication, Stigmergy and Concentric User Groups as organizational structures, and Epistemic Communities to provide the highest level of expertise. We encourage working groups that are task and information driven, not personality driven. We support a worker's right to autonomy, mastery and control over their own work.

Berlin Biennale


The organization at the Berlin Biennale has kindly given us a common space for developing TheGlobalSquare and testing the functionality of its first apps in a live setting. We will be coordinating workshops on the systems of organization that we will be using to organize our global systems on TheGlobalSquare, and a hackathon will be set for further development of code. We will also be building our Forums, which will form an epistemic community and knowledge repository for law and governance. This, along with the beginnings of our News Commons in the form of updates fed to and from local squares and working groups, will allow global participation and communication with activity at the Biennale.

“Optimism is a political act. In fact, these days, cynicism is obedience." - Alex Steffen