Foundation in Berlin as a bank for international finance
In 1870 Deutsche Bank was founded in Berlin to promote and facilitate trade relations between Germany and international markets.
First business in Italy
In 1883 Deutsche Bank participated in the underwriting of the bonds of the city of Rome and introduced them at the Berlin Stock Exchange.

In 1890 the Syndicate for Italian Business was established under the leadership of Berliner Handels-Gesellschaft and Deutsche Bank. This syndicate underwrote four bonds for the Italian government totalling Lit 432 m. in the first 18 months of its existence, and, in the following two years, handled two-thirds of the lending and issuing business of the Italian government, various provinces, local authorities and railway companies. It also participated in the foundation of the Istituto Italiano Credito Fondiario.

In 1894 together with other German, Austrian and Swiss credit institutions, Deutsche Bank established Banca Commerciale Italiana in Milan. Deutsche Bank maintained its participation in the Italian bank until 1914, when the First World War interrupted business relations to Italy for a long period.
Italian Companies at the German capital market
In 1960 Deutsche Bank acted as lead manager of a capital increase of FIAT and the listing of its shares at the Frankfurt stock exchange. One year later Deutsche Bank acted as lead manager of the listing of Olivetti shares in Frankfurt.

In 1963 Deutsche Bank co-managed an issue for AUTOSTRADE Concessioni e Costruzioni for US$ 15 m. This issue has been considered as the first genuine Eurodollar bond issue and the bank therefore as one of the founders of the Eurodollar bond market.

The first own office in Italy
In 1977 Deutsche Bank AG opened its first representative office in Milan. Two years later this office became the first Italian branch of the group.
Early acquisitions
In 1986 Deutsche Bank AG acquired 100% of Banca d'America e d'Italia, a bank established in Naples in 1917 following the name change of Banca dell'Italia Meridionale.

In 1994 Banca d'America e d'Italia is renamed as Deutsche Bank Spa and acquired Banca Popolare di Lecco in the same year.
Towards growth
From 1995 to 1999 the Group acquired several financial institutions, starting from Milano Mutui Spa, which over the years became the Deutsche Bank Mutui. A majority shareholding in Fraer Leasing Spa was acquired, followed by the acquisition of Adria Leasing Spa and of a shareholding in 21 Investimenti. The list of the transactions put in place in this period was completed by the acquisition of a minority share of Cassa di Risparmio di Asti (20%) and Finanza & Futuro Banca (network of financial promoter).

In 2001 Deutsche Bank transferred the Group factoring and leasing companies to Sociètè Gènèrale.
Years of evolution
In 2002 DWS Investments, Germany's leading asset management company and a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank extended its brand to all the asset management products. DWS Investments Italy Sgr was created, a Deutsche Bank Group company devoted to retail and institutional activities in Italy.

In 2003 Finanza & Futuro Vita, the insurance company that develops insurance and complementary social security products distributed by Finanza & Futuro Banca, changed its name into DWS Vita Spa. Finanza & Futuro Banca became part of the Private and Business Clients division of Deutsche Bank SpA, which thus expanded the range of banking products and services offered to private clients and SME.

In 2006 DWS Investments Italy transferred its Italian activities connected with mutual funds to Anima SGRpA. The agreement envisaged also the creation of a long-term partnership through which Anima will be able to distribute its funds through Deutsche Bank branches and the network of over 1,000 Finanza & Futuro Banca promoters.
Passion for art
In 2007 after Frankfurt, London, New York and Tokyo, the "DB Collection Italy" was opened in Milan. It is the Italian section of the Deutsche Bank Art Collection, the fifth group worldwide with a permanent collection of contemporary art.
A new course
In 2008 Deutsche Bank transferred DWS Vita SpA, the life insurance business branch, to Zurich Financial Services Group ("Zurich"). The agreement includes a long-term partnership between Finanza & Futuro Banca and Zurich for the distribution of life insurance products in Italy.

DWS Investments strengthened its distribution activity in Italy by focusing on international mutual investment funds, pan-European SICAVs and, through the new DWSGO platform, on structured certificates and products.

In April 2008 (the 29) Deutsche Bank Spa adopted the current dual governance system.

Since October 1 2008, Flavio Valeri is the new Chief Country Officer of Deutsche Bank Group in Italy and Chairman and CEO of Management Board of Deutsche Bank SpA. Juergen Fitschen is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Bank SpA.
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