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Online Nutritional Support for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Founded by Cancer Survivors - Developed by Dietitians - Based on Science

TherapEase Cuisine guides cancer patients, survivors, and their caregivers to the best food choices based on their unique cancer diagnosis, drug side effects, and cancer treatments.

We help answer the question: "What should I be eating?"

Dietitian-based Guidance

TherapEase Cuisine helps you with:

  • Reducing treatment-related side effects
  • Choosing foods that are highly recommended for your needs
  • Getting immediate online nutritional information, 24/7 around-the-clock
  • Understanding food-drug interactions
  • Accessing registered dietitians that specialize in oncology nutrition

Purchase Your Foods

  • Tell us about your diagnosis, treatment and side effects
  • We guide you to making the best food choices for your condition
  • Design your own daily meal plans by choosing from recommended foods and drinks
  • Purchase foods that will be delivered right to your door

Facts & Testimonials

TherapEase Cuisine Health Store

Our online store was created to provide a convenient alternative to traditional grocery shopping for many pantry staples and to make recommended products accessible to those whose local stores may not offer them.

Fill your shopping cart when you plan meals, or by browsing our symptom-management departments.

Foods and beverages you order will be delivered right to your door!

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