Sunday, April 15, 2012
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  • FC#4 Location?
    So over the past week we have had a thread over...
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So over the past week we have had a thread over at with discussions over the location/date of FireCore #4 but we have the main concern over location, due to the limited amount of LAN centres we have a short list of 3 centres in 3 very different locations across England. We have set up a poll where you will be able to vote for your location for FireCore #4, but please take into consideration all the information below. You can find the poll here.

To help you with your decision in which centre you would prefer we have provided your with a detailed guide into the centres and also travel/accomodation information.

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FireCore #4

FireCore #4 is currently under debate with ourselves and amongst the community!

Do you know of any where to host a LAN? Any new LAN Centres or maybe a good venue for a BYOC, let us know and join in the discussion over at the sgl forums!

FireCore #4 Discussion Forum Thread

Website Back Online!

So after a long time of the website being on down time we have finally secured good webhosting which will allow us to be more efficient and without much downtime with the reliable servers we have paid for.

Unfortunatly the database from our old hosting is corrupted with our new hosting via Control Panel so we have lost all user data, this sucks I know! But if you could all just register again this would be much appreciated.

Website will be back fully functioning with content and latest news within the upcoming days!