H.K. Edgerton: In This Case “Uncle Tom” Is Perfectly Accurate

4:31 am EST July 12th, 2010 | Weird | 19 Comments

I don’t generally like the term “Uncle Tom” because it is often used by the insulter when the insultee may in fact be doing something stupid, but is not actually engaging in racial buffoonery.

Meet H.K. Edgerton.

This absolute moron goes around North Carolina dressed up in confederate gear making excuses for the south and slavery. I would like to seriously think this is just an elaborate episode of Punk’d but he’s been doing it for some time now. You have got to be kidding me. (via The Field Negro and Jack & Jill Politics)

My God. Wow.


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19 Responses to “H.K. Edgerton: In This Case “Uncle Tom” Is Perfectly Accurate”

  1. db says:

    Except that Uncle Tom helped Little Dora escape & so wasn’t in favor of slavery, right? Calling this guy an “Uncle Tom” is an insult to Uncle Tom

  2. Viceroy Matt says:

    Uncle Ruckus.

  3. Dkelsmith says:

    @ db,

    You are correct. Uncle Tom was was written to be a non-violent marty against slavery by Harriet Beecher Stowe if you read the book critically. Additionally, that book was as much about empowering women as what it was denouncing slavery. In the end Tom refused to give up the girls whereabouts and was beaten to death for it.

    @ Viceroy Matt,


  4. rmrd says:

    I think everyone realizes the context that Oliver Willis is using when the term Uncle Tom is used for the Black Confederate. The term is by no means complimentary. The popular context refers to someone who will willingly demean himself to please a White audience.

    Steppin Fetchit is another term used popularly to describe a buffoon who is African-American.

    Stop pretending that you don’t understand the way the term Uncle Tom is used popularly.

    The academic discussion you are having is just that, academic. Call an African-American an Uncle Tom and observe the response, unless the person is a Confederate or a Tea Party member, they will not view the labels as something to be taken as a compliment.

  5. jrfunkenstein says:

    So that’s Michael Steele’s day job.

  6. SteveCo says:

    Just proves that some people will do anything for attention I guess. Sigh. :-(

  7. mpawong1968 says:

    OK, here’s how it went down: HK Edgerton (sitting in a bar a few years ago with his friend): “oh yeah, well I say my Charlotte Hornets will go undefeated against the Miami Heat this year and you’re just a jackas* for arguing otherwise.” HK Edgerton’s friend: “Well if you’re so sure let’s put some money down. How about I take the Heat and you take the Hornets, $500.” Edgerton: “Oh I wish I HAD $500 just so I could rub your dang face in it.” Friend: “Well, how about this. I’ll put my $500 down and we’ll come up with something absolutely batshi* crazy that you have to do if you lose.” Edgerton: “Done!”

  8. Bitter Scribe says:

    This guy used to head the local NAACP? Man, they need to intensify their personnel outreach.

  9. Sam Simple says:

    Those Civil War re-enactors always leave out the part where the North kicked their asses and then fed and clothed the dumbasses after the war so they didn’t friggin’ starve to death!

  10. Quaker in a Basement says:

    always leave out the part where the North kicked their asses and then fed and clothed the dumbasses

    Judging by the gut on the dumbass standing behind ol’ H.K., he didn’t forget to eat even if he forgets who fed him.

  11. Felix Helix says:

    Viceroy Matt: Uncle Ruckus.


  12. Randy Brown says:

    Also, this idiot reminds me of a recent episode of “The Boondocks”

  13. Bitter Scribe says:

    Deep in that linked article, it describes how some of the “Confederate heritage” types had a shitfit when he kissed a white woman on the cheek. If ever a pack of idiots deserved each other…

  14. Randy Brown says:

    OK, I may have gone overboard with that first post. My sincere apologies to OW and everyone.

    But this guy still deserves the utmost scorn.

  15. lacp says:


    Yeah, that pork-chop-in-a-uniform is pretty impressive.

  16. Prodigal says:

    “…and then fed and clothed the dumbasses after the war so they didn’t friggin’ starve to death…”

    In all fairness, the reason why that was necessary – at least where the food was concerned – was because the North had put so much time and effort into destroying anything edible that they could find in the South in the closing days of the war. So it wasn’t charity on the North’s part as much as it was cleaning up the mess that they themselves had created.

  17. The Reality Based Dave says:

    I wonder if he gets his speech material from the Clayton Bigsby books?

  18. Dame Theory says:

    Is it just me, or are some blacks becoming more and more ridiculous with their buckdancing? It is like Obama’s election not only bought out the racism in the Tea Party, but it has also given birth to more of these Clayton Bigsby/Uncle Ruckus individuals. “Uncle Tom” is more than appropriate in this case.

  19. This guy is just one of Dave Chappelle’s greatest skits come to life. What happens when he finds out he’s black?