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Casting Cuts Have Started on 'Days of Our Lives'

Is there another reboot in the works?

Posted by TVDeeva Deanna Barnert Tuesday, April 10, 2012 3:31:47 PM

On the heels of news of the "Days of Our Lives" headwriter shakeup comes buzz that several castmembers have been given the boot. For dedicated fans, this shakeup is starting to feel a bit familiar. It was just about this time last year that the big September reboot, which included returning characters, behind-the-scenes shakeups and a new local hangout, started taking shape.

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Matthew Ashford (Jack), Christie Clark (Carrie) and Patrick Muldoon (Austin), who came back to Salem as part of that big reboot, and Sarah Brown (Madison) will all be sent packing, according to Soap Opera Digest. The soap mag warns these cuts are just the beginning.

As fans know, Renee Jones (Lexie) is also on her way out, but that was by her own choice. The actress is retiring from the biz after almost 20 years on the show.


"Days of Our Lives" airs weekdays on NBC.

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Wed 6:15 PM
I never really got Madison except that they needed a love interest for Brady. So who will he be with now? I think there was a little hit about him and Billie. Jack is boring and Carrie And Austin never really got off the ground. They can let Chad, Melanie,Gabi and Abbie go too...they are boring. I hate that Lexi is leaving, I like her and Abe. So why bring back Celeste and a new brother if she's leaving?

Most certainly won't miss "Austin's" sqeeky voice; bugs me bad!  And not NEAR as handsome as the original yummy Austin.  Won't miss Jack either.  Madison I can take or leave.  The show's story lines I agree are "just ok'  I tape it now because they go "on and on" about the same thing for several days at a time and I can just fast forward; DOOL needs to take a page out of Young and the Restless, that show moves at warp speed compared to Days! 

Wed 1:25 PM
Get rid of Madison.  She can not act.  They should get rid of the young people I could care less about.  It is the older days actors that have kept the show going. To the people who want a talk show, really?  How many stupid talk shows can a person possibly take.  DOOL has been on the air for many years.  I cant think of any talk shows that have. 
Wed 1:11 PM
Would rather watch soaps than another idiotic infomercial or talk show. The networks are dumping the soaps because the profit margin is not as great as it is on talk shows. Where I live, we have one network affiliate that seems to get annoyed at having to actually show network programming instead of their endless stream of infomercials. Even with the hundreds of channels now offered, TV is actually worse than it was in the 1960s.
Wed 1:04 PM
I love this soap, since I was 10 and now I'm 39. I don't mind losing a few, these guys were just put back on anyway, except for Madison. Long Live Days!
Wed 12:59 PM

Just when you get into a character you take him away.  Leave Austin and Carrie alone.  Leave John and Marlana alone.  Don't care if you send Madison packing and sometimes I feel like I'm watching the Disney channel with all these kids in the story lines.  And for heaven's sake, don't send anybody else to screw things up for Bo and Hope.  Can't they be happy for a little while without one of his exes showing up.  This is the only soap I watch and if things keep changing I won't be watching it for long.  I thought with the return of John and Marlana things were finally going to get interesting again.  

Wed 12:57 PM
They cut so many of my favorites that I gave up Days of our Lives years ago.  When I heard that Matt and Patrick and Christie were back along with my very favorite "Vivian", I tuned back in but just couldn't get into it again.  I was lost with all the new characters.  It's sad.  That was "my soap" for 20 years and now it's just a shell of what it used to be.
Wed 12:46 PM

I agree with some posts here.. these soaps are stupid.. same

story lines rehashed a million times from sunday.. truly

shows for the brain dead.

Wed 12:41 PM
Right now, I could care less about DOOL. The story line is boring. The John/Hope thing - how many times are they going to replay that? The writers had some good things going on and no, I didn't miss John/Marlena. They brought in some strong characters/stories & now they get pushed aside. No fire left, the "story" lines are fillers - there is no story left. Very disappointing.
Wed 12:26 PM
They have not done much with Jack (Ashford) since he got back and Madison (Brown) is not going anywhere. Keep Carrie (Clark) and Austin (Muldoon) and work through their marital problems. Come on!!! Get rid of some of the younger ones...I am tired of Gabi and her tricks (we've seen that stuff a million times)  Melanie is not doing much of anything right now. I say get rid of Billie (Rinna) who needs her back for another triangle with Bo and Hope - UGH!!! Get rid of Ian. Think "Days" what do the watchers really want to see??? Its Bo & Hope, Marlena & John, Victor & Maggie, Sami & Rafe, Carrie & Austin, Lucas, the Dimeras, Abe & Lexie and some younger ones like Will & Sunny. They are going to blow this.
Wed 12:22 PM
Hate to see "Jack"  and "Austin" go, the rest I could care less.  Watch Days go off the air and another stupid talk/reality show replace it. Confused
Wed 12:11 PM
To not a fan...... why do you care if you don't watch.   TV is not all documentary and many of us enjoy watching the shows.   if you think about it most of the shows on now repeat the same storylines with different actors.  Get a life its TV for some of us to relax and watch..... no different than reality tv, racing, wrestling, game shows.....  
Wed 12:04 PM
Just when Days finally got it right they get a new head writer to screw it up. when something works, leave it alone. We will end up losing Days.
Wed 12:02 PM
who cares? they should get rid of all soaps... there stupid and they all use the same story lines no good plots just same ol same ol no matter what the soap you watch thats why they got rid of all my childern it got to boring ,good riddensi say
Wed 11:57 AM
Ashford, Clark and Muldoon belong in DOOL for as long as it lasts.  I also heard Lexie is leaving.  Very, very sad !
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