Search Engine Relevancy Definition: It is the practice of making your web site the most relevant source to the search engines and more important, to you visitors. Different from search engine optimization, relevancy (SER) is more about making your site a useful resource and gaining rankings and relevant traffic the correct way rather then over tweaking code, stuffing keywords and preforming low quality link building.

Is your site what visitors are looking for when typing in the certain keyword? Is your design search engine friendly? Do you have the right plan for proper traffic and site growth? If not, then Search Engine Relevancy can help you.

  Who is SER: Search Engine Relevancy is a David Bernstein Consulting company.  

David Bernstein
We provide internet marketing and web development solutions. Focusing on search engine relevancy to improve the presence of businesses on the internet. Relevant page clarification, site usability, social media strategies, search friendly design along with making a site the authority in its field is how we achieve such positive results for our clients.

David Bernstein Consulting has been in business for over 6 years now.

Search Engine Optimization (Relevancy), PPC Management, Social Media Management, Search Friendly Web Design, Branding, General Marketing, Graphic Design, Conversion/ROI, Site Usability and Analytics.

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  Site Assessments  
SER site assessments are an in-depth analysis of a web site with the goal of identifying problems such as dirty code, poor internal site theming, content deficiencies, weak link strategies and more.

A comprehensive report will be generated with detailed instructions on how to fix these issues along with suggestions on what to do next.

  Search Friendly Web Design  
Having your web site designed with search engine guidelines and theme relevancy in mind can make a huge difference in your chance to succeed on the web with relevant organic (search engines) traffic.

Search engine friendly web design principles will insure that there are no barriers for success. It will also help your site's visitor experience by improving its usability.

  SER Development  
SER Development projects are on going support and development for your site and web brand. We personally work with you to develop and implement a plan for organic search engine traffic growth.

Each project is tailored to your site and industry. This insures you are maximizing your site's potential while targeting the most appropriate and best converting traffic.
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