Mar 24 2009

Authority Hoax II – “the Trust Account” and “the Solution”

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Authority Hoax II – “the Trust Account” and “the Solution”

Imagine how people will interact with each other when they know they cannot harm another person, place, condition or thing without harming themselves. Imagine the difference when people, everywhere, accept the divine truth: as they give, so shall they receive. – Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj 

The Trust Account

In my article, The Authority Hoax, I wrote: ‘The only thing you need to know about laws – codes, rules, regulations, statutes, by-laws, ordinances, constitutions, policies, legislations, laws, bills,  acts, and even case law – is that they have nothing to do with you. The USA and CANADA, Inc., along with all other corporations (STATE OF CALIFORNIA, PROVINCE OF ALBERTA, etc.) have a Policy Manual, just as SEARS has a Policy Manual for employees. Unless we work for SEARS, their Policy Manual does not apply to us.’ The head servant of the mansion’s kitchen staff put up a Notice which reads, ‘No Refrigerator Raiding: 11 pm to 7 am’. Does the mistress of the house think that this applies to her? The only ‘laws’ by which we are bound are Nature’s laws and our conscience. 

     For years, I was on the fence between wanting to know who I am and behaving accordingly so that I didn’t have to play the commerce game, and wanting to know how to play the game so that I could win the game. It always seemed as if we were getting closer to the answer, but the investigation was interminable. Most researchers continue to look outside, rather than looking to themselves, recalling their experiences, and remembering who they are. It seems that, for all the riding ‘madly off in all directions’, all their various, personal agenda come down to only this: we are all tired of being controlled. 

     I notice that those who search legal land for the answer, albeit to no avail, still do learn much in the process and wind up wanting to sell their information because, “I put a lot of time and effort into this and I’m not about to give it away.” But, isn’t the reason that they did all this research because they wanted to do so? Now they want people to pay them for what they chose to do? The only information worth having is that which will allow us access to the Trust account. The very act of their charging their fellow man evidences that they do not know this, not to mention the dishonor, i.e.; they do to others what the banks are doing to all of us. 

Due to all this ‘learning’, so many researchers have a penchant for wanting to utilize their information and this is what gets them into trouble. They write too much and they say too much – all because they want to be ‘right’ in thinking that years of study were not spent in vain, so they tend to take on the task of settling public matters, by acting as the liable party, instead of making the public servant do his job. The one who creates the liability, i.e. the public, must provide the remedy. Balancing their books is not our job. They work for us. 

     People who do not have this valuable information, paradoxically, are very willing to sell and tell what they purport to know. But, if we cannot figure this out by ourselves, it is no good to us. No one can tell us how to know who we are. To become free and to feel free is not a process… it is a realization. 

     I have received hundreds of emails from people who criticize me for not telling them how to implement what I wrote in my book. If I had included a ‘how to’ in my book, it would have been outdated by the time it hit the internet. I am stunned by the number of people who missed seeing, in my preface, ‘I do not, cannot, and will not tell anyone what to do’.  The title of my book is ‘How I Clobbered…’  not, ‘How YOU Can Clobber…’ I wrote the book to expose the fraudulent banking system and I did certain things to prove it. My book was simply and only a heads-up so people could think about conducting their commercial affairs accordingly and begin to experiment for themselves. I put the book on the internet free-of-charge. It offers only hints for you to realize who you are, which is all any of us need to know. 

     Of these hundreds of requests for ‘what to do’, not one ever asked me about the latter part of my book – ‘remembering who you are’; the part about energy – which is all there is. In whatever we do or say, what matters is our energy and the attitude from where we behave, so my ‘telling’ someone what to say or do is worthless. Becoming free requires ‘remembering who you are’, so when you come across websites or seminars, just remember; those who sell and tell don’t know, and those who DO know cannot tell. ‘Knowing’ is a private matter and one cannot make it pubic. The minute it becomes public, the win can no longer stand as a win. I had to look to myself. Accurate answers come effortlessly, from within.   

     In one of my snits of frustration, recently, I packed it all in (as I do episodically) and read Gregg Braden’s book, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief – Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits. He reminded me of what I have known for decades – that we can create… in fact, that’s all we can do. We don’t do anything but create. We create every aspect of our life experience. If we really knew who we are, we would not be dabbling in any of this commercial investigation, particularly, because every bit of energy we hand over to those who seem to be running the planet only strengthens them. What we want to do is turn away from them and look to ourselves. Why fight someone else’s creation when we have our own creating to do? We’ve already created them as they are; now, we must create something that will override that. As long as we are giving them our time, attention, energy, and emotion (which is what keeps them alive), those whom we most want to convince that we know who we are know that we do NOT know who we are by the very fact that we are involved with them and their silly ‘policy manuals’. Dealing with agents, at their level, proves that we believe that the illusion of their authority is real and, ergo, the reality of ours is not. We ought to have nothing to do with them, other than to be sure they keep their word, honor their oaths, and do their jobs. Servants must always be monitored, lest they overstep their position.

     If we knew who we are, we would have nothing to do with them. This includes their ‘medicine’, their ’schools’, their ‘law’, their ‘churches’, their ‘media’, etc. – ALL designed to keep us from knowing who we truly are. Somehow, they know this; hence, every time we converse with them, frequent their places of ‘worship’, argue over ‘payment’, read their ‘newspapers’, go to their ‘courts’, follow or resist their “orders”, attend their ‘classes’, visit their ‘doctors’, etc., they know that we do not know who we are and they treat us accordingly. If we knew who we were, we would be minding our own health, educating ourselves, conducting our own spiritual development, and not deferring to them for anything.  

     I simply cannot even imagine the enlightened beings of this planet poring over law books, writing paper, learning what to say in court, filing documents, attending seminars, paying for the latest process, etc. in order to get out of a situation which they know, in their hearts, simply does not involve them. They know who they are. I have concluded that, as long as we are still investigating any aspect of the commerce game, those who control it have us where they want us – IN the game, which they control, by THEIR rules, which apply only to them. I suspect that the less we know about their game, the better off we are. That is their business, not ours – and simply becoming very clear on who we are and acting accordingly is what will get us out of this ludicrous mess. I feel as if I have arrived, which is why I am writing this… now.  

     I could always sense what was wrong when I heard the latest and greatest information because it was complicated and the documents involved were egregiously long and legal. I always said, “If it isn’t simple, it isn’t accurate. If most people cannot grasp the concept, then it isn’t accurate. If it involves knowing the policies of the Psychopathocracy, then it isn’t accurate.” Consequently, I knew that I would know the truth when it showed up because it would be simple – something that we could all see and grasp (if we truly remembered who we are) and it would have nothing to do with any corporate policy manual. 

     So, whilst reading Braden’s book, the penny dropped… I remembered who I am. I clearly saw all I need to know about how to handle the public. There is a Trust, evidenced by the NAME; my parents were the Grantors of the value, the Province of Ontario registered it, so it is the Owner and Trustee, all public servants are Agents for the Trustee, and, the Trust/NAME itself is the Beneficiary-in-fact. The entire game of Commerce is played for the beneficiaries. Needless to say, the public isn’t about to create a game which doesn’t benefit them, so, ‘beneficiaries’ includes them. My parents granted the original value to the NAME/Trust, via their signatures, and, over the years, I gave it value, via my labor. I cannot be involved in commerce so I use the NAME/Trust in order for me to function in a society which is based upon commerce. Think ‘Monopoly®™’ We require a token to play, and the only money is that within the game. There is no ‘money’ outside the game.

     I guess it is human nature to try to get out of doing one’s job, yet, since I stand to lose, it would behoove me to ensure that the servants serve not only themselves but also me. I hold all public Trust corporations in trust, and, if an agent becomes ‘un-trust-worthy’, e.g.: if he neglects his fiduciary duty and pretends that I am the Trustee – the one responsible for settling and adjusting the Trust’s accounts – then, I am obliged to remind him of his oath of office, wherein he has sworn ‘to serve and protect’ me and my rights. It is the trust owner, trustee, and agents who have a job to do – not I. Since their debts are their business, not mine, and, since the one who creates the liability must provide the remedy, they are the ones required to settle all charges against the Trust. If they refuse, then they are in violation of public policy and the criminal code and I would be obliged to lay claim against them for Breach of the public Trust and Breach of Oath of Office.

     Will we soon lay claims against doctors for Breach of their Hippocratic Oath wherein they swear: “I will… never do harm to anyone”? Taking down some of the medical mafia might move ‘medicine’ out of its present position of the #1 cause of death on this continent. 

     Maybe we ought just to say that we do not choose to be recognized through the Name and, unless they can prove that we are required to be or that we are a Trust or a Name, why are they trying to get us to pay a debt that belongs to the public, particularly when we cannot ‘pay’? There is no money, and we are not even permitted to play the game, let alone incur debt. The charge is against the Trust; who is the Trustee? We are not, so, who is the one required to settle the account? They have the wrong party. We wish we could settle it for them yet we do not have access to the account; we cannot take from it; we can only give value to it. Haven’t we done that, already? How could they have set up, for example, a credit card, if we didn’t give them the value up front? Now that they have created debt for that account, aren’t they the ones liable for the remedy, for setting off the debt, for balancing the account? This has nothing to do with us.

     Whoever created the debt is the one responsible for settling it, yet, they will do everything to try to make us liable. But why would any of us willingly go to court? A place where we were not invited, where we have no standing, where our chances of prevailing are almost nil, where we are not being compensated for our time or effort for a charge which has nothing to do with us, and for which the agent for the Trustee is not only already in the court but also the one legally obliged to settle the account for the Trust/Name?  I heard that one judge, upon hearing a fellow lament that he is not the Name, ask, “Well, if you’re not the Name, why are you here?”

     Why have we been doing the servants’ work for them? Because they tricked us into believing that we are responsible for balancing the books of the Trust (the name of which we have continuously been told is our ‘name’ and is not), for which we are NOT Trustee, and we forgot to question this, all because… we had yet to remember who we are.   

The Solution: Nothing We Could Ever Have ‘Found’ – We Had to ‘Arrive’.

The only thing in existence in the universe is energy. Knowing how to make that work for us is all we need to know. The only way we can make energy work for us is to know who we are.

     Studying rules to a game which appears to be made up and controlled by ‘them’ is a waste of time. There are only a few things we need to know about ‘them’. Our experience of them exists for the same reason that our experience of anything exists – because we created it. We created ‘them’ and our experiences with them, in order to discover who we are. Our experiences of ‘them’ are solely for the purpose of our spiritual evolution, which happens to entail challenging ourselves to discover the truth about our power. This is all an illusion and we are simply here to observe our conduct which will reveal the degree to which we realize our all-powerful nature. The reason we cannot win by finding a solution within their rules is because that would ruin the game. We have forgotten that it is OUR game. Our only rule is: we can’t win until we remember who we are. It’s a Catch 22. We can’t win because we don’t know who we are but as soon as we remember, the game ceases to exist. Therein lies the win because the game was designed for us to discover ourselves and, when we do, its over.

     We created antagonists solely for the drama since ‘they’ appear to be sub-plots to the main plot which is the drama of observing ourselves. I’ve noticed that many emails I receive report some form of theft of our basic rights. The most righteous of the writers complain of the new ‘laws’ which restrict our choices of healthcare. Did it ever cross their minds that this might be good news?  If we can’t have these ‘health products’, I guess we’ll have to realize who we are, learn that there is nothing outside ourselves, and go about healing ourselves. Whenever I hear about this sort of thing, I always take a look at it from another perspective. When I worked at Banff hospital, someone complained that “The Province is no longer going to pay for …..” (some procedure). Nurses were angry. I told them that this is good news because this is pushing people to take responsibility for their own health. Medicine or Naturopathy or whatever… they are all external and no matter what ‘the Province’ does or no longer will do, they are forcing us to get it through our skulls that we can create perfect health all by ourselves. We do not need anything or anyone for the things in life which we have been programmed to believe that we can obtain only from the ‘professionals’ – teachers, doctors (allopathic or otherwise), ministers, lawyers, etc. Haven’t we learned, yet, that none of them is as good as our own intuition, which is our connection to Spirit? Those who send out this sort of news do not know who they are and, maybe, are as threatening to our realization of our personal power as any other well-programmed bureaucrat. The mere fact that some have made distinctions between allopathy and naturopathy tells me that they do not see the distinction between looking within and looking without.

     Putting our time, attention, energy, and emotion into trying to correct something which ‘appears’ to be outside ourselves is what David Icke calls ‘combing the mirror’. If we look into the mirror and can only anticipate a ‘bad hair day’, combing the mirror will not get us out the door any sooner. The only way to change anything that is going on in the mirror is to change the source of the reflection. We are that source. 

     Knowing who we are is the only thing that will allow us to change how we conduct ourselves which is the only thing that will alter the reflection. Responding to a situation any time but in the here and now will not work. This means that we cannot pre-empt the future and we cannot correct the past. Neither exists. The only thing we can do is respond in the moment. Intending to un-do what we have done in the past, or write documents to stave off potential difficult situations in the future, will only demonstrate to those whom we use for the purpose of discovering where we measure, on our enlightenment scale, that we have not become acquainted with our own unlimited power. If we had, we would not be dallying in affairs which have nothing to do with us. Only in the moment can we deal with what is occurring right now. Our point of power is in the now and any conduct which takes us out of now – into either the past or the future – will not serve us. 

     I always wanted to pave the way for an easier life and the only thing that I experienced was constant preparedness; I forgot to live in the here and now and, noticing that I have lived nearly six decades, I realize that much of that time has been spent either trying to un-do, balance, make up for my mistakes or prepare for the next situation so that I wouldn’t make any more mistakes. I hated getting ‘life’ wrong because my ego’s drug of choice, to cause me to feel ‘wrong’, was ‘regret’.

    In case you haven’t noticed, our society does not allow for mistakes. We are either threatened not to err or punished if we do. Since the best way to learn is to fail, it behooves us to ‘fail fast’. Only then, can we be open to success.

Success is going from failure to failure without any loss of enthusiasm. – Winston Churchill.

     Yet, we all live in fear. We actually are not permitted to experience the most efficient way to learn, without severe emotional, not to mention physical, mental, and spiritual repercussions. Our society is designed to keep us from venturing out, experimenting, throwing caution to the wind, because we are kept in fear of making mistakes. Society discourages us from ‘living’. We are punished if we don’t either make amends or correct our ways. The entire court system, which came from the ego mind, is based upon this.

     All the ‘attorney wannabes’ are studying the rules of a game they cannot win because, if they could actually win, they would no longer need or want to play it. After I jumped out of an aeroplane, I didn’t need to do it again. If you know you can do a thing, you don’t need to do it, yet we all must do that which we think we cannot do. It seems as if what we all think we cannot do is to state, on the spot, whatever is necessary to empower ourselves to prevail, in the here and now. I always said, “I’m better on paper.” What does this tell you? That I didn’t trust myself to conduct myself, in the moment, in a manner which demonstrates that I know who I am and that I am capable of demonstrating the love and power that I know I am.

     So, people are still digging in the same pit, year after year, with only slight tributaries, instead of surfacing to look around to see that the solution is in the here and now and can be only in the here and now.

You can’t plan a miracle. – Philippe Petit.

     Their intent, as mine, was to set up a situation so that we could not fail. This is an impossibility because, since each of us is the creator of our own circumstances, there could never be a ‘one-size fits all’. Where one might prevail, by saying the right thing in order to get out of a tight spot, the same words coming from the mouth of another might land him in jail. Therein lies the solution which is the miracle. If we simply BE who we are and act in the moment, we’ll create whatever we create, yet, all the while knowing that the circumstance that we create is precisely for our own information which is: to observe where we are on the ‘I know I am all love and all powerful’ scale.

     It seems we have come full cycle. We began by saying, “That’s not my name.”  A dozen years ago, that landed me in jail, but that is only because, although I was acutely aware of what I was not, I had only a flicker of an idea of who I was. My friend once said of me, “Mary may not know what she wants, but she sure knows what she doesn’t want!” Well, knowing what I didn’t want didn’t assist me in knowing what I want or even knowing where to look. It has been a long road, yet I have learned a couple of things. Observing something we resist will only empower it because ‘resistance’ is an extremely powerful energy and we will find ourselves at the effect of it. We cannot argue with quantum physics/mechanics. This is why those who are sending fear-filled emails will experience precisely what they believe; however, those of us who chuck them into the trash will not. Nothing exists without my observation – so, if I put my attention elsewhere, those things cease to exist… in my universe. If you continue to observe them, they will continue to exist in your universe.

     So, does ‘apocalypse’ mean ‘horror show’ or ‘unveiling’? It means ‘unveiling’ or ‘revelation’ to me, so this is what I will get. In my observation, I will be able to know the entire truth of this universe. If you believe the word means ‘hell and damnation’, end of the world, natural disasters, you will experience precisely that… your option.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. - Wayne Dyer

     In his book, Fractal Time, Gregg Braden says that what 2012 will be depends upon how we choose to respond to all that occurs. We play a role in the creation of the shift of World Ages and nothing will be ‘happening to’ us. If we choose to respond with love, strength, and balance, the next World Age will be one of peace. I suspect that even if you choose from fear and you opt for greed, comfort, and profit, those of us who want the new World Age to be one of love and peace, will, with the strength of love energy, override your desire, so, if you can’t beat us – and you can’t – then consider joining us. In other words, it will take only a few of us to create what we want. You who want disaster cannot prevail.

     We won’t ever know what works until we try, but there is nothing to try. There is no paper which will circumvent what we are avoiding because the minute we file it, they (whom we created to do so) suddenly know that we don’t know who we are and they ignore the paper because why would they honor any paper we write when the very writing of it evidences that we don’t know who we are? Has anyone ever received any worthwhile answers to questions we post to them? I think that it is alright that we know how they operate, as long as we do not let them know that we know.

Have more than thou showest; speak less than thou knowest. – William Shakespeare. 

     In other words, never fire their laws back to them because that appears as if we think they matter. We make the illusion real. I think if we write anything, the less legal-land crap we include, the more effective it will be. All we have to let them know, right here, right now, in the moment, is, “I don’t know your business but I do know it isn’t mine.”

     If we were courageous, had no fear, knowing that all of life is our creation of circumstances to measure our fear, we would jump in and deal with the alleged consequences. The only way to be in control is to be willing to be out of control; if we are willing to die, we cannot die. If we had no fear, we could be who we are. Whatever occurred, we could simply include, just because we would know that we can never die and it would all be just part of the movie. Who lives like that? 

     The movie, Man On Wire, proves that Philippe Petit lives like that. This is the man who walked on a wire between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in 1974. When he walks a wire in a place that the local constabulary considers ‘illegal’, he gets arrested. He’s been arrested over 500 times in his career. (This causes me to wonder what I have been doing with my time.) He does not see these arrests as something that ought not to be. His arrests are just the finale to his theatricals. He tells us that we must ‘exercise rebellion’. He handles every situation in the ‘now’.

     When we are forced to handle a situation, we must handle it in the here and now. If the situation is on paper, we must handle the situation as close to ‘now’ as possible, which ought to be considered as 72 hours because the ones to whom we are responding will consider that ‘now’ (they are fictions… what do they know about ‘now’?) In other words, our tactics change with each situation. At the moment the Name is ‘charged’, I think we ought to let them know that we do not consent to being recognized through the Name. I can provide the Statement of Birth as proof that the Name belongs to the province and a declaration that I have nothing to do with it. My signature is not on it. This is their business, not mine. 

     However, in a case where the public already has our cash, we must conduct ourselves properly in the moment. This means that we tell them, as soon as possible, that the fruits of our labor have ended up in the public as a tax, which is in violation of public policy and so we ought to file for a tax return (return of the tax). Since it is ALL tax, we can go to our receipts. I would just put it all into a cover letter, put the NAME and the amount to be refunded on a ‘tax return’ form, sign it, and beg their pardon if I haven’t done this properly and, if they please, tell me what I can do to correct it – which forms to use, etc. Again, this is their business, not mine. I don’t mind assisting them, but I ought not to be expected to do it alone.

     “Whoever creates the liability must provide the remedy.” We have all heard it and seem to have forgotten it. So, whoever charges, creates the debt, or sends the bill is responsible for discharging, settling the debt, and balancing the books. Since all debt is created on paper, all debt can be discharged with… other pieces of paper. This has nothing to do with me since it is impossible for me to create any liability because I do not, will not, and cannot operate in commerce. Since those in the public must know this, I think a gentle reminder is all that is required.

     Again, since we live in the ‘now’, in fact, must live in the ‘now’, we cannot pre-empt today for the future and we cannot explain tomorrow for the past. Our point of power is now, in the moment. There is no other time and living in the past or future is only disempowering. Do not handle anything which does not require ‘handling’ RIGHT NOW. Remember Occam’s Razor: eliminate non-essentials. The procrastinator’s oath is, “Never put off until tomorrow what can be done, today”. However, that suggests that one is living for a ‘to-do list’ and not living in the now and doing whatever shows up next in life, which is all we are ever required to do. I admit, living life by the motto, “Be Here Now” is a facer. The ego mind so loathes it.

     I often imagine this scene: Someone… cop… anyone… asks for ID. If we produce ‘identification’, we admit to being the Name and, immediately, we become the liable party because, then, they know that we do not know who we are. THAT is what makes us liable – our not knowing who we are – nothing else. “Do you have ID?” ID!? “Identification.” Of what?  “You!” Well, you’re looking at me. “We need to see something that identifies you.”  Well, nothing is identical to me so what is it you really want? “Who are you?”  Who are you“We need to know who you are.” I am who I say I am. “Who do you say you are?” I am you, and if you don’t know that, then you don’t know who you are, so why would I discuss anything with someone who doesn’t know who he is?

     You can see where this might escalate… If you have any ID with you, which I do not recommend, it might be a good idea to carry the Statement of Birth – the document your parents signed, along with a Declaration stating that you do not consent to be recognized through the name on the document plus, maybe, an addendum, generic to any agent who might need to know. It is our responsibility to remember who we are. The instant that we do, all this will come to a screeching halt. The disappearance of the universe is contingent upon our remembering.

2 Responses to “Authority Hoax II – “the Trust Account” and “the Solution””

  1. Emanon 26 May 2010 at 9:53 am

    The author seems to know a lot about the reality of our slavery by the powers that control society, but has no idea about spiritual things. His quotations and references of the Bible shows that he doesn’t have a correct understanding of its messages. He interprets everything incorrectly.

    It made interesting reading anyway!

  2. Bambooon 12 Aug 2010 at 3:05 pm

    I can’t decide if this blog is demented prattle, or simply brilliant.

    A few things are clear:

    1) Humans do not know who they are - that information is kept from us.

    2) We are led to think we are accidents of cosmology, and that those who rule us, have some Darwinian right to be there. This is reinforced by a media that is preoccupied by showing us the material excesses of celebrity and power. We are supposed to believe, don’t tax the wealthy, for you too maybe wealthy some day. Aspirational politics.

    3) Those that rule us, are but mere puppets on the stage. The most frightened and cowardly people rule us. It is rare to find a true vertebrate among them.

    4) In seeking answers to the above three issues, you will encounter the greatest disinformation, misdirection, and obfuscation, for the confused human is an enslaved human.

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