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Songwriting Lukather on Toto and Lukather albums

When you take this section in one glance, you can see that as far as Toto is concerned Lukather started very slowly as a (co-)writer. No written song on the first Toto album, one on Hydra, two on Turn back, three on Toto IV etc. From The seventh one Lukather's production increased clearly, six out of eleven songs, on Kingdom of desire nine out of twelve, on Tambu twelve out of twelve and on Mindfields thirteen out of fourteen. On Lukather, released one year after The seventh one, Lukather co-wrote eleven out of eleven songs, on Candyman, released between Kingdom of desire and Tambu, nine out of eleven and on Luke, released between Tambu and Mindfields, ten out of eleven. On the 15 Toto studio albums Lukather (co-)wrote altogether 87 songs out of 162. On his solo albums he (co-)wrote 45 out of 71 songs. The songs on his solo albums he didn't wrote, are covers: Jimi Hendrix (Freedom and Red House), Joe Walsh (The bomber), Stephen Stills (Blue bird), Jeff Beck (The pump) (some important favourites from his youth) and some Christmas tunes.

It's also obvious that Lukather only wrote three Toto songs and three solo songs all by himself: Live for today on Turn back, I won't hold you back on Toto IV, How does it feel on Isolation (with a melodical flash forward on Stop loving you), Always be there on Luke, The truth on Ever changing times and Smell yourself on the 1989 Los Lobotomys album. In an interview in Frankfurt on 25 June 1997 (toto99.com) Lukather explained how he did the writing of the songs on Luke: "I had ideas for the stuff but to have guys help me finish it… cause lyrics are hard for me, lyrics are very hard to write, and the guys that know me… all the guys I wrote with are my friends, they know what I went through the last few years. I wanna write about life. Kind of reflecting on my whole life. It's about that." In the duologue with Eddie Van Halen (one year after the release of Kingdom of desire), Lukather answers on Eddie's question about the difference between a Toto record and a Steve Lukather record: "As far as song writing goes I get to play a little more. And the type of compositions I can do, I've got 10-minute songs. I don't write songs and say "I'll save this for me" or "This is a Toto song". When I write for Toto I write whatever comes. With Toto we write the songs all together. Here (on Candyman, A.S.) I'm writing most of the stuff with David Garfield."


Albums Songs (Co-)written by Luke Songtitles (co-)written by Luke
Toto (1978) 10 -
Hydra (1979) 8 1 Hydra
Turnback (1981) 8 2 Turn back, Live for today
IV (1982) 10 3 Good for you, Afraid of love, I won't hold you back
Dune (1984) 17 16 All except Prophecy theme
Isolation (1984) 10 3 Isolation, Mr. Friendly How does it feel
Fahrenheit (1986) 10 4 Can't stand it any longer, I'll be over you, Somewhere tonight, Don't stop me now
The seventh one (1988) 11 6 Anna, Stop loving you, Stay away, Only the children, These chains, Home of the brave
Past to present (1990) 4 (new) 1 Out of love
Kingdom of Desire (1992) 13 9 All except The other side, KOD, Kick down the walls, Little wing
Tambu (1995) 13 13 All songs
XX (1998) 10 3 In a word ('86), Mrs. Johnson ('77), On the run ('91)
Mindfields (1999) 14 13 All except Mad about you
Through the looking glass (2002) 11 - -
Falling in between (2006) 11 11 All songs

Moodido 1 1
The seventh one 1 1
162 87

Steve Lukather

Albums Songs (Co-)written by Luke Songtitles (co-)written by Luke
Los Lobotomys (1989) 9 2 Smell yourself, Lobotomys stew
Lukather (1989) 11 11 All songs
Candyman (1994) 12 9 All songs except Freedom, The bomber, Red house
Luke (1997) 12 10 All songs except Blue bird, The pump
Santamental (2003) 11 2 Broken heart for Xmas, Look out for angels
El Grupo Live (2005) 5 - -
Ever changing times (2008) 11 11 All songs
71 45

Songs written by Steve Lukather only

Live for today (Toto-Turn back, 1981)
I won't hold you back (Toto-IV, 1982)
How does it feel (Toto-Isolation, 1984)
Smell yourself (Los Lobotomys, 1989)
Always be there (Steve Lukather-Luke, 1997)
Simple life (Toto-Falling in between, 2006)
The truth (Steve Lukather-Ever changing times, 2008)


Toto: 19 (4x live)
Steve Lukather: 8 (3x live)


Original albums mentioned in discography: 599

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