April 25, 2009
Press Release

Following this morning's announcement by the ruling party in Ethiopia, the Tigrai People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) claiming that it has foiled an attempted plot by Ginbot 7 to over throw its regime, our movement has been receiving inquiries and clarifications from a number of media outlets.

Ginbot 7 would like to make it clear that the repressive regime in Ethiopia is under massive pressure at home due to the collapse of the economy, the massive unemployment, the obscene corruption and the growing resistance from the severely restricted opposition political parties and the populace at large.

Every time the Meles regime is cornered for its gross mismanagement of the economy making Ethiopia, a virtual beggar nation, for its massive violations of human rights and its resounding condemnation by august international organizations for enacting draconian laws to criminalize dissent and use these bogus laws as a pretext to terrorize the innocent people of Ethiopia it has a long standing habit of looking for scapegoats and creating endless distractions.

This latest claim of foiling a coup plot by Ginbot 7 is no different than the regime's same old worn out practices of criminalizing political dissent. Ginbot 7 has no desire to engage in a tit for tat with the dictators in Addis Ababa, nor the time to waste replying to baseless accusations by a regime that rules Ethiopia by the barrel of the gun.

Ginbot 7 remains committed to work for the establishment of democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law in Ethiopia. No amount of scurrilous accusations, threats or blackmail by the regime will deter us from pursuing the cause of democracy
and freedom.

Ginbot 7 affirms its commitment to the proud and courageous people of Ethiopia who only yearn to live in peace, freedom and prosperity.

Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy

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