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Why All the Food Photos?

The Internet has a thing for cats. Social media, on the other hand, seems to have a thing for food. Sites like Foodspotting reward people for posting food photos. Foursquare has made it very easy to associate food with a venue and actively promotes it. In the absence of photos, people sometimes just type what they are eating without even posting a photo. So the question isn't whether or not food photos are such a big thing, but why are food photos such a big thing. Read More »
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Hosting and Streaming Your Own Videos Securely Using Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3)

There's more than one tutorial out there about creating your own Flash video, and a handful that show how to use Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) to host them. I discovered recently, rather painfully, that if you want to protect your bandwidth costs by restricting access to the video, the details are sketchy and often conflicting. Once I sorted it out for myself I wanted to share. Read More »

The four low-tech aspects that are most valuable to tech projects

Much of a tech project’s success rides on low tech aspects like interpersonal relations, project management, and knowing the target users of what you’re making. If you don’t have control of these your project won’t be as good as it could be. Read More »

The Logo Using Only CSS2 and CSS3

by aardvark | I set out to re-create the logo using the bare minimum mark-up and many of the new styles available in CSS3. In addition, I wanted to make sure that the links themselves rendered fine in a text browser (mostly because I still surf in Lynx). Get a current browser and check it out. Read More »

Making and Using QR Codes

by aardvark | If you happened to spend any time at SxSW this year, then you probably were inundated with QR codes everywhere you looked. People were attaching them to everything — backpacks, street signs, business cards and probably even pets. This walk-through covers the basics for making your own. Read More »

Google Instant and SEO/SEM

by aardvark | There's quite the potential for change that this seemingly simple user interface change could have, both on user behavior and money spent on SEM/SEO. The next few weeks may prove to be very interesting. Read More »

UX Challenges in Touch Interfaces

by aardvark | As mobile devices have been taking over the place of the mobile or home computer for basic apps and web access, developers are struggling with letting go of the mouse as the primary interface device. Read More »

The Future of Check-ins

by aardvark |

Last week Mashable featured a post asking if location-based services are all just hype. Continuing the geolocation theme Mashable has a new post, What the Future Holds for the Checkin, by a guest blogger/columnist. I have a reservations about how well this article delves into future opportunities, so I just toss a few out here.

Read More »

Mapping Location-Based Social Media

by aardvark | If you have been paying any attention to the social media space for the last few years, then you've watched the rise in location-based social media. Part of the appeal of these tools is seeing where you have been, almost like a travelogue for a person, as well as tracking others (friends or family). It has taken some time, but the rest of the web is finally catching up. Read More »

Define "Cognitive Disability"

by aardvark | With WCAG guidelines, and by extension federal guidelines, referencing "cognitive disability" as one form of disability which developers need to support, you'd be hard-pressed to find a definition of the term anywhere in those guidelines. Read More »

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