Philho: Could use some chicken noodle soup about now. Need some relief from this cold of mine.
Philho: Was nice to spend the last half hour talking with my wife. It's hard to be on the road at times. Miss my family.
Philho: Good evening folks... I'm spent. Sleep well.
Philho: @lushus1969 @MatthewDGerber @lynette_gerber : Hi De Ho !!! Good evening all. Hope you're all well. I'm in Mississippi right now. Sleep soon.
Philho: @lushus1969 @DeRushaJ @TimothyBlotz : That's why I moved to Florida Libby. Why don't you come down to the sunshine state?
Philho: @thehugginghome @klout Thank you bunches. Hope you're doing well.
Philho: @365PrayingforU @klout Thank you so much.

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