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What`s Behind Blekko`s Spike in Popularity? in Search Engine News
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Blekko, the little hash tag search engine that could, will likely see four times the traffic at the end of this month that it saw at the start of January. While still a drop in the bucket compared to Google, that's amazing growth for one short quarter. So what are the secrets of its success?

The Challenge of SEO for Large Enterprises in Search Optimization
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Search engine optimization for a large company or organization comes with challenges not typically encountered when doing SEO for small business websites. How do you get everyone on the same page, when SEO affects so many people and departments? This article will discuss some of the issues you should consider when performing SEO for a large client.

Social Media Optimization Tips for Your Blog in Website Promotion
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Convincing visitors to share your blog posts on social media sites isn't really hard. It's more a matter of moving barriers out of their way and making it easy for them to share – like setting your dog's food and water bowls at a comfortable height for him. So let's take a look at what you can do to encourage readers of your blog to leave comments and share your entries on Facebook and other social media.

Yahoo Reorganizes in Face of Dropping Market Share in Search Engine News
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The ax started falling at Yahoo last week – and it wasn't pretty. About 2,000 employees got pink slips. With the latest report from comScore, though, one might be forgiven for wondering if it was the correct 2,000.

Viral Writing: the Beauty of Controversy in Search Optimization
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I'd never heard of Samantha Brick before last week, when her article for the Daily Mail in the UK went viral – as did its follow-up. Literally thousands of readers posted nasty comments and shared her article, while many journalists and bloggers shared their opinions from a variety of angles. Let's take another look at what happened.

20 Unusual Things You Can Do To Promote Your Site in Website Promotion
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It's hard to come up with an idea to promote your site or business that really makes it stand out. Offering discounts is fine, but how memorable is it? Keep reading for some unusual (and very cool) ideas that you can use to promote your site.

Yahoo Layoffs Beginning This Week in Yahoo Optimization
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Yahoo's new CEO, Scott Thompson, appears set to leave his mark on the troubled search company. Many in the media reported plans for massive layoffs at Yahoo starting the middle of this week, followed by restructuring next week.

Matt Cutts: Let Googlebot Crawl JavaScript, CSS in Google Optimization
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Last week, Google webspam guru Matt Cutts posted a short video that he described as a “public service announcement” to webmasters. In it, he asked them to stop blocking Googlebot from crawling JavaScript or CSS.

The 375 Million Active Searchers You`re Probably Ignoring in Search Optimization
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If you've been doing SEO for a while, you probably think you're ranking in all the search engines that matter. But if you don't have an app, a video, or a podcast -- and even if you do -- then there's one you've probably overlooked. It gets hundreds of millions of searchers, and they stick around. It's called iTunes, and it can help your business, no matter what it is, reach far more people in your target market than you might think.

Measuring Your Company`s Online Success in Website Promotion
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Marketing your business today means engaging your target audience both on and off your website. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter let you reach more users than ever. But how do you know your efforts are working? You need to look at metrics other than just your conversions.

Take-Home Tips from Kotex`s Pinterest Campaign in Website Marketing
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What can you do with a 90-year-old brand in a product category nobody wants to talk about? How do you appeal to young, hip customers who don't want to be reminded that they need your product – or that their grandmothers used it? When that brand is Kotex, you find ways to break the usual mold of advertising and engage in social media.

Winning Links for New Websites in Website Marketing
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An established website with regular visitors and a blog with a following face fewer difficulties building links than a brand-new site that no one knows exists. If you own a new site, chances are you need to build links. So how do you get started? Keep reading.

A Closer Look at Crushing Local SEO Competition in Search Optimization
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Yesterday, I introduced you to Arrow Moving and Storage, a Colorado Springs moving company that ranks nearly as well as its competition in the search engines without buying AdWords ads. I showed you how they made good use of their blog and social sites. Today, I'm going to explain how they can do even better.



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