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Acknowledgement: Information from the book, "Bombardiers of WWII", Turner Publishing and M. T. Publishing Company




Fifty instructors arrived here from the first three classes at Lowry Field, in February 1941. These instructors were distributed among three ‘section’ of cadre who were to be sent the Training Centers, each section to establish a bombardier school. Between 1 May and 29 November 1941 a total of 140 bombardiers were graduated in four classes from Barksdale, with the rating of "Aerial Bombardiers, Third Class." A graduate of the second class at Barksdale (l2 September, 1941 ), Kermit King Beahan, dropped the second atomic bomb of WW II on Nagasaki, Japan. Following graduation of the last class, the entire school was moved to Kirtland Field, Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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