The “Double Standard” Double Standard

One is not, in the Christian church, ever allowed to criticize sexual immorality in a woman.  This is an unwritten rule, the 11th commandment, enforced by what I call “the double standard” double standard.

It works like this:  Any time you point out that a woman is being sexually immoral, you will instantly get a reply from an exasperated Christian woman or a male Christian white knight, exclaiming, “But where are the men!  Why isn’t anyone talking about the men who sleep with these women?! Why is there this double standard?”

I agree: There is a double standard.  And it is based on the false perception of an opposite double standard.  People only ever decry a “double standard” when we talk about female sin.  Never when we talk about male sin.  This is itself the very definition of a double standard.

Everyone is saying “Why is no one talking about these men?!” Which, ironically, means everyone is talking about these men.   In fact, they only ever blame the man.  And if anyone mentions the woman shares equal blame, they then reply (after having already blamed the man), “But what about the men?!”

This is not only absurd, but logically fallacious.  Now, to this charge the feminist responds, “Logic is for boys.  They’re stupid.  Throw rocks at them.”

But for the rest of us who realize that logic is the reason we’re communicating with computers and iPads instead of still drawing pictures on cave walls, we see the fallacy immediately:  If A and B both engage in an immoral behavior, and I state that A is immoral for engaging in that behavior, this does not mean I am somehow stating that B is morally justified.  That is, simply because I say that Hitler was evil for murdering 6 million innocent Jews, doesn’t mean I’m excusing his junior officers.  Nor Neville Chamberlain for appeasing him.  Nor the German people for voting for him.  If I condemn Hitler, I am not at the same time justifying the Turks for the Armenian Genocide, or Stalin for his murderous purges.  Only an idiot would say that I am.

But they don’t teach logic in schools anymore.  It’s more important to teach young girls how to put condems on cucumbers.

In a later post I will explain why I believe this “double standard” double standard exists.

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13 Responses to The “Double Standard” Double Standard

  1. 7man says:

    I applaud you for starting this blog. It is a learning experience and you will grow from it as well as spreading the message of truth.

    Now for the critique. This post is too long. (TL;DR). I will wade through it (later) because this is my passion, but most people won’t. And it is hard to keep up a posting frequency, which is necessary, since few have a go-to commenting site like Dalrock’s. So make it bite size. Cut this one into 3 posts, due to the length. (Yeah, I know some of my posts can be a bit long too.)

    There is a productive, inspirational exchange and development of ideas that is happening in the manosphere and this is critical and necessary to start awakening those with their butts in the pews.

  2. bskillet81 says:

    Way too long. Agreed. I chopped off about 800 words. I can use the concepts in a different post. Thanks!

  3. bskillet81 says:

    Also, hopefully by tomorrow or Saturday I will have a multi-part post that guides a Christian man on what to do in case he discovers his wife has been cheating on him. It was actually the Saturday before Easter last year that my ex-wife chose to inform me of her infidelity.

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  5. pukeko60 says:

    I assume the typo “Condemns on Cucumbers” was deliberate.

    The trouble is that not one of these right on feminist sexed teachers has a cure for a shattered heart. Which is what happens if you apply their lessons on your BF/GF.

    Great blog, BTW

  6. bskillet81 says:

    Spell check didn’t catch that one.

    You are right that feminism has left a trail of wrecked lives in its wake, but no one ever talks abut it. Feminists have been allowed to completely define the terms of the debate, and to re-write history to cover its lies and failures. Feminism is like the Ministry of Truth from Orwell’s 1984.

  7. TheMan says:

    Great new web log.

    I’ve noticed this too. A man and a woman engage in fornication.

    Church to man: “Man up and marry her”
    Church to woman: “You got tricked by a player? Repent and you’ll be a born-again virgin” (ugh)

    Whenever a third party condemns the man, the church agrees, but when a third party condemns the woman, the church says “But…but…you have a double standard!”

    THAT’S the double standard.

  8. Hermit says:

    Excellent start. I think it’s just long enough, I’d much rather see the whole argument in one post rather than multiple. Makes it so you don’t have to reference several locations anytime you have to refer back to past arguments you’ve made.

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  10. Atlas says:

    Just found your blog through the Spearhead. Added you on my blog role. I am looking forward to what you have to say as I am a divorcee and did remarry.

  11. Kevin Lafayette says:

    Actually, you are giving Chamberlain a bad rap here. Appeasment was necessary for a time, as Britain was not prepared for war. They needed time to build war planes train pilots, build ships. The sinking of the HMS Hood epitomizes this; Hood was actually scheduled for a refit to replace the wooden deck with an armored steel deck. With the armored steel deck, the Hood would not have been as vulnerable to the plunging fire from the Bismarck that sunk it.

  12. bskillet81 says:

    Kind of off topic. But I’ll allow it. Germany was also not prepared for war at first. The two years of appeasement allowed them to gear up their military. And Britain still wasn’t prepared militarily.

  13. Kevin Lafayette says:

    Yes, Britain did not use its time as effectively as Nazi Germany, but that is always the case when you compare the free place to the oppressed place. All in all though, I agree with the post. This kind of feminized/humainst/pop culture Christianity is the main reason I believe, that men in general no longer go to church. It is why places like the Catholic church are graying up and dying out.

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