of the 3rd International Flight/Practical Conference,
Dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of
International Civil Aviation Organization (IĐ└╬),
held in the ICAO/IAC Training Advisory Centre
within the framework of the Project RER/01/901
(22-23 June 2004, Moscow)

    The participants of the Conference included chiefs and specialists of flight services, Flight Safety Oversight Inspections of the CIS States Aviation Administrations, airlines, scientific and research institutes and flight safety training centers, representatives of the CIS States industry, specialists of West European and Asian airlines, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), Regional European Bureau of IATA, the "Boeing Company", "Airbus".
    Representatives of 16 States, 14 leading airlines of the region, 6 scientific and research institutes and training centers took part in the Conference.
    Report on the course of the realization of the ICAO/IAC Project RER/01/901 "Development of Operational Safety and Continuing Airworthiness in the CIS" (2001-2004) and information about the works, conducted under ICAO UNDP projects on flight safety, were presented to the participants of the Conference.
    IAC specialists presented information about the state of flight safety in the civil aviation of the member - states of the Agreement on Civil Aviation and Air Space Use.
    Materials and results of investigation of a number of air accidents, simulation of air accidents with the use of flight recorders' data, including the Boeing-757 DHL and TU-154M "Bashkirskie Airlines" collision in South Germany, were considered at the Conference and the appropriate recommendations for improving flight safety based on the investigation results were presented.
    The participants of the Conference heard the report on flight safety improvement in airlines, presented by IATA European Bureau.
    "Airbus" specialists presented reports on the contribution made by their company to flight safety improvement in the CIS region and on the approaches to the solution of "Human Factor" problems.
    The "Boeing Company" specialists presented a report on the opportunities for COS CAP safety teams activity and manufacturer's perspective.
    Information on the development of new aviation rules of aeronautical personnel licensing and air transport activity regulation with the aim of improving flight safety, harmonized with ICAO standards and the world practice was presented by ICAO experts, who have developed these rules.
    Reports of specialists from the airlines: "Transaero Airlines" - "Control of Flight Safety in the Airline", "Air France" - "Making Accident Precursors Visible in Airline Flight Operations", "Singapore Airlines Ltd" - "Hazards Reports by Pilots" were also presented at the Conference.
    Specialists of the "Volga - Dnepr" airlines presented materials on the system of flight safety control out of contact with the airline home base.
    Representatives of the General Flight Safety Inspection of the "Turkmenhovaellari" State Service informed the participants of the Conference about methods of flights under alpine conditions.
    Specialists of the Academy of Civil Aviation presented a report on reducing air accident risks on the basis of the results of flight information analysis.
    The representative of the "SPARC" Company made a report about the new MI-8 MTK and MI-17 helicopter Training Centre. The participants of the Conference also heard the report of the "General Telecom" representative on the developed system of objective control of the aircraft condition and piloting technique in the real time scale.
    "ATRCLAIMS" (CIS) company management presented the report "Air Accidents as Insurance Events".

    The participants of the Conference:

    - approved the work of the Conference and expressed their gratitude to ICAO, IAC and IATA European Bureau for the organization of the Conference;
    - adopted the resolution to recommend the CIS States Aviation Administrations to consider the issues of introducing (using) the AR OPS-1 rules, regulating aviation activity, and the rules of aeronautical personnel licensing, which have received a positive estimation of the ICAO experts;
    - adopted the resolution to disseminate information about the working experience of the leading airlines, educational institutions and organizations, which have presented their reports. Ask IC└╬, IAC, IATA European Bureau to place the materials of the Conference on their Internet web-sites;
    - adopted the resolution about the advisability of regularly holding Conferences - once every two years;
    - noted the ICAO leading role in the development of world civil aviation and adopted the resolution to ask the Interstate Aviation Committee on behalf of the participants of the Conference to forward congratulations in connection with the 60th anniversary of ICAO to Dr. A.Kotaite, President of ICAO Council and Dr. T.Cherif, ICAO Secretary General.