Sunday, July 12, 2009

Twitter is a Cesspool - Should You Jump In?

Twitter started out interestingly and there are a few good communities in the Twittersphere. Twitter can be a good way of discovering new sites, too. However there is a side about Twitter that can't be avoided, so can we discuss it honestly? I'm talking about the huge amount of individuals both savvy and not who come to Twitter as a way to market their businesses, both online and off. There's nothing wrong with that however the sheer amount marketing happening is taking Twitter into a situation where almost anyone you bump against on the service is trying to recruit you so they can promote to you. This is not community, this is not a community. It's a bazzar bursting with sellers but few who are buying.

Twitter is a marketing cesspool full of marketers selling tools and services designed to help you make money with Twitter. What is lost on aspiring Internet millionaires is that Twitter itself won't make them wealthy, it's sellng the tools, services, and eBooks that tell you how to make money with Twitter.

I've seen a rise in sites targeting Internet noobs and a concomitant rise in spam created by these newbies. Tracking their activities online is easy because they use the same user name wherever they go. Invariably they're posting on make money online blogs and forums asking about various get rich quick programs involving twitter, squidoo, and ning, among other free community content sites. There are pages on squidoo promoting the use of squidoo for making money online to newbs. But twitter has become the nastiest cesspool of them all because their system is wide open to abuse.

There are a few communities on twitter formed around products or people, but by and large it is a stinking mess of individuals earnestly trying to promote their businesses rubbing elbows with Work at Home Newbies treading water, rubbing elbows with other newbs trying to sell other newbs on the idea that Twitter is a money making machine. It is not. Earning millions on Twitter is a myth. The only ones earning millions off Twitter are the ones selling the notion.