Launch of ICC UK Cookie Guide

Following an almost year-long process, ICC UK has today launched its guidance to help companies comply with new EU rules on the use of cookies.

Changes in European law mean that web site operators must now ask for web site users’ permission to place cookies on their devices for the first time. The ICC UK Cookie Guide—which has been developed in close consultation with a range of industry experts—is designed to help website operators give consumers the information they need to make informed choices about the use of cookies.

The Guide sets out several categories of cookies that website operators can use to define the purpose and description of their own cookies. These categories are linked to suggested user notices and consent language that explain—in easy to understand language—what those cookies do and why web site operators and others want to use them.

The ICC UK guidance is designed to be used with the range of technical solutions that are being developed and implemented by business. The language contained in the Guide can be used word-for-word or adapted to suit particular business needs.

Support from Government

We’re very pleased to advise that the Information Commissioner’s Office—the UK’s data privacy regulator—has welcomed the launch of the Guide.

In a statement, David Evans, Group Manager for Business and Industry at the ICO; said: “Today’s ICC UK guidance provides organisations with a good starting point from which they can work towards full compliance. At the ICO we have always been clear that organisations need to provide visitors to their website with enough information to enable individuals to make an informed choice on whether they wish for cookies to be placed on their device.”

Mr Evans went on to say: “The ICC UK guidance provides useful information on how organisations can achieve this and reinforces the ICO’s key message that giving users better and more consistent information will make it easier to gain their consent. We are almost at the end of the year long lead in period and it is vital that organisations start demonstrating that they are moving towards compliance.”

The guide can be downloaded from the Digital Business section of our website.