Friday, April 20, 2012

Table Topper Blog Hop Schedule... continues....and look Pinned them here

are YOU?
                                            ( I am ready..I have 3 to show...maybe 1 more....
and all of mine will be giveaways) 

OHHHH you are all sew appreciated...
Yes you are...WE have a total of 46 ladies
who will be participating in our blog hop
APRIL 16th- 25th ( exclude weekends)

Table Topper Blog HOP Schedule
( ladies you can copy this to your blogs beginning next Monday)

OHHHH these ladies have such heart...

click here..

Monday April 16th

Tuesday April 17th

Wednesday April 18th

Shanna ( no show)
Sharon  ( very ill)

Thursday April 19th

Friday April 20th 

Leslie ( she is there now)

Monday April 23rd

Tuesday  April 24th

Wednesday April 25th 

The day before the blog hop, you will all copy
this to your blog for the blog hop, sew everyone
will know where to go next...

Do you have your button on your blog?
code is at the top on side bar..

Sew looking forward to this...
are you?

RECAP...#1 Only photos shared of what you created...
#2 NO tuts, unless of course some request that from
you personally..
#3 Giveaways will be forthcoming
#4 and if you like to do a giveaway of your own..
Yes, that would be delightful...
#5...Everyone will post this list ...copy and paste
on their blog for the duration of the blog hop
sew everyone will know where to go...

Some of our giveaways..
GRAND PRIZES on the last day of our hop
RELIABLE is just can rely on them
for steam and iron efficiency...
This is their best seller...( can't believe their orange one
wasn't) lol.  This is up for one of our grand prizes
next stay tuned..

 Thanks to the wonderful people at Reliable...

All Followers will be eligible for prizes

....more coming...( I am just editing all the photos)
need more coffee lol

       Ohhhh yes another giveaway... 
isn't this pretty from Westminster Fibers, Annette Tatums

this bundle is BOHEMIAN
This lovely fat quarter bundle and this china cup..
to put you all in the mood...yes ! 

( more coming)

click here to see what varieties of table topper hardware
there can locate dealers here...

take a peak....they have a great collection
and shell at Raspberry Rabbits have
them too!

Jodi sent along a very lovely package that will be combined
with our grand prize..stay tuned...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Where is Waldo? indoor awning project

Ever since I came up with the idea of bringing awnings indoors
I have become obsessed....
Well finally I took some time and created this 7.5 foot indoor
awning for our breakfast nook...
This fabric is from Riley Blake Designs..

As many of our case goods are solid black, I thought
this would be a perfect addition to this cozy setting..

It began as a mathematical nightmare..
good thing I am pretty good in math lol.
But the design and width of fabric and matching the pattern,
and getting the scallops perfect...well almost..
and the PELLON for stability, 809 is a dream....
and working with a stiff fabric with backing
well let me say, I needed a shower once I completed it..

My DH helped with getting the pieces of wood cut and sized
and he insisted he get on the ladder to mount...
No fighting him there...I am not too  good on

As soon as I got my camera...WALDO there..
sat ready for a photo shoot...I am telling you
this cat- Sumatra is her real name...after my fav coffee
blend, loves anything camera....or rather being in the shot...
I swear she is one smart cookie....

Well the end result is we are all happy here..
17 hours from start to finish to design, cut,
sew and mount...a custom made indoor awning...
Ready for the summer sun to come shining in...

Today I am creating a couple
more table toppers...maybe one for here..
of an awning lol

( and another photo...ladies wanted a front view..)
here you go...see waldo again lol

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Table Topper Blog Hop Begins this Monday


                   Not that many of you need reminders...but these days I certainly

If you are looking for inspiration ( like I am )
  on what 46 pretty amazing
creative ladies will be showing 
with table toppers...
well come and join us on Monday...  I think this will be the exact
formula that I need...maybe some of you inspire us to new heights...
These ladies can do that and more....

As you may have noticed....I have been a bit quiet,
I am still up to my eyes now in tutorials, classes, vectors,
grids, motion graphics, pathfinder functions,
....well let us just say, I am doing
things, I never thought I would be doing...

The other day I did a hollow gram, like Star Trek..
what lady who quilts wants to do hollow grams lol...
And then I did an architectural building...
who wants to do that?

 I have completed 14 courses,
viewed 627 videos and my vocabulary is growing
in leap and bounds...Problem is nobody knows
what I am talking about except some graphic scholars
who are teaching me..... not one lady to date!

Gosh I miss you all....

Well this weekend, I am going to sew, stitch
and design in fabrics...I'm well ahead of schedule
sew now I can enjoy being with you all!

See you Monday and beyond......I am ready to ROLL
and hop too lol

 p.s ( the stay calm is for all of you, I have seen some 
of these ladies creations...OMG) lol

Schedule is below..

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Special wish

wishes from our home to yours...

ps. each and every one of you who left comments
touched my heart. Please accept my sincere
regrets to answer you all.
I am up to my neck again in studies....oh my lol
BUT you all made a difference to me...
Thank YOU!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Copper Locks and her 3 projects..

My story is more about Copper LOCKS 
as opposed to  Goldi- Locks...( red hair and all)
But that is not my story...
It's about losing my mojo...still not back
per say...( at least from my perspective)
However I was productive this weekend..
 (exams are over...yeah)

I am in this 
Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin
with our lovely hostess Michele...
I don't know how Modern or mysterious
I really am...but mini well at 5 ft nothing..
I am a mini something .....

Here is my 6.5 square that is being
mailed to UK tomorrow....
This lady, let's call her Diane...wink..
She will add some borders..and then 
send it off to someone else and she will
add some borders and sew on and sew on..
And someday in October
I will get this back with goodness knows
what MODERN MYSTERY goings on it will
have met.... 

Not sure how Modern this is...but aqua and red
are very retro, buttons are retro..
but because I made it today, I am calling
it my Modern version of RETRO ....

There that works for me..!
( remember the wonky...seems I am not
wonky or modern)
But I participate for the genuine
laughter of it

Ok, next on my to do list
was to bake some 
Shortbread cookies..
My friend GAIL does not 
get that I don't bake shortbread
anytime except Christmas..
But these are for EASTER, Jesus
is still part of that holiday, which
makes it perfectly suited to her...
Ok,  I modernized my shortbread stamps
to this HOMEMADE stamp I just got...
and I  cut 
out my shortbread in shapes of cups..
These are fairly large cookies...
about 4x3 ( inches not feet) 
Don't' get too excited there Gail....

A whole tin full is being mailed tomorrow...
I am not even keeping any for is not Christmas lol..

And then onto my next project...
This is where Copper-Locks and the 3 bears come in...
Think I forgot something? ( I have really been bear
in some ways...cause my mojo is hiding)

Well I have designed this quilt...
YOU remember that kiwi fabric I requested
well 3 ladies came forward and I will have enough for this
special design...Design I thought I would
work on testing my design...
MUCH easier to DESIGN than TESTing ...I am telling ya..

Here was my first attempt..

Of course silly me, thought I would work with my
kiwi fabric, as I thought it would be perfect...
NOT SEW...the blocks were too small.. 8 inch square
( scraps now)

Sew I called GAIL, she said work with other
fabric and make it larger...Sew I went with 
a 12.5 square..( she told me too) 

Looks nice but this one was way too big...
I know I am not showing you the whole black..
Trust me, it is too large...

This time I did not call GAIL, I made 
this one came out perfect..

sort I have to get cutting all of my kiwi
fabric and white kona and work on this 
between classes and my mojo, trying to find me...
And my last package to arrive sew I can mix
all the kiwi perfectly...

Ok, how long does MOJO hide anyway? 

The end!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sing with me ....this will bring a smile or two....

For all of you who just may need a smile or two!
I know many of you are feeling challenged..
here is a reminder....
The smiles do return...

and of course I would choose a coffee always makes me smile..

Smile by Nat King Cole

Smile though your heart is aching
Smile, even though it's breaking
When there are clouds, in the sky, you'll get by
If you smile, though your fear and sorrow
Smile, and there'll be tomorrow
You'll see the sun coming through 
If you'll....
Light up your face with  gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear, may be ever so near,
That's the time, you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worthwhile,
If you'll ...
To a delightful weekend....
( yes my weekend begins

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh - oh my mojo has vanished or it is hiding?

This is such an anomaly for me...
I am never without CREATIVITY.
But the past week, IT IS GONE!
I thought at first I must be just too immersed in my schoolwork.

In the past when I needed a boost, I just drank a few sips of coffee
and WAMMO, I was swimming in ideas...

The simplest task when it comes to sewing these
days, has me in a flux...nothing is coming out as planned.
In fact I possibly have thrown out more than I kept..
And I have kept nothing...I mean nothing...

I have a few projects to complete, and each time
I go at task, I sit there at my sewing table..
and NOTHING...I mean nothing pours out.....
I don't want to sketch, draw, cut, or sew...

Tell me this has happened to some of you.?
Could it be, ......who knows..?
I have the .........what to you call it....
MOJO stealer....come backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

I am off to pour me another cup of joe...
and I will sit here indefinitely ( till I need the powder room).

Oh by the week I will give you the schedule
for our blog hop....I already completed 3 table toppers..
well before....well you know...