Hi. My name is Jon Payne, and I run an SEO agency based in Baltimore.  As of early 2009, we now have a Charlotte location in addition to our main Baltimore office.

The purpose of this website is to serve as a sort of professional profile site for yours truly.This site started as a blog about internet marketing and SEO, and since then has transitioned from a “blog” to a “website with a blog” to a “static website that happens to have a bunch of pages that I keep online because they were part of the old blog and there is no reason to pull them down”.

I’ve since re-focused my blogging efforts on a new lead generation blog, leadgenseo.com. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep that blog up-to-date, but no promises.

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Eventually this site will house a few more-polished pages about myself, as well as some old blog posts, a few random musings about whatever I’m into, etc. I hope to spend a bit more time making the entire site a sort of online resume but that will take time, and likely not happen for a little while since its not a high priority.

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Current Projects

At any one time I’m involved in a number of projects for clients, my own projects and so on.  I have a pretty wide range of interests and love learning about new things.  I also very much enjoy helping out small businesses and analyzing business models and value propositions, particularly in the online environment.  Whether its creating a law firm directory or a site about home improvement or solar energy tips and ideas, if it involves growth I’m generally game…  Most of the businesses I consult with are based in Maryland, such as a local photo printing lab that is making quite a name for themselves on the national scene, an organization that helps people learn about debt consolidation options, or a number of top IT companies and a software company that makes event management software and meeting room booking software.  Some of them are listed in our Maryland business directory.

See the “contact” tab above if you’d like to reach out to me and discuss a project you have.

Most Popular Blog Posts:

The blog on this site is pretty much no longer active, but I’m keeping the old posts online.  Some of the most popular ones were: