How To Analyze Backlinks To My Site?

That is often heard when you are in a seo campaign or backlink building campaign. One of the most important criteria of SEO is the backlink . But the link command in Google is clamped. I propose an alternative to judge incoming backlinks is it Backlink Watch.

The link command in Google is restrained . The question is why … I do not have an answer. Generally, Google provides only a handful of links at the result, while the same search engine takes into account all of the backlinks. Go figure. You can always test. Just make the query ” link: “on Google.

One solution that I think are more than adequate, it is the use of the website It’s ugly, but it works great.

All these criteria are to gauge. The link anchor (link text) is crucial in terms of SEO . The number of links per page is one among several criteria. Still, overall, the fewer links on the page, most referencing “given” will be interesting. By cons, if the link is nofollow , there is no use for the website to which the link points.

Incidentally, if you want a little more information, you can read an article I had written about the impact of the new nofollow .
Outside Backlink Watch , you also MajesticSEO . This tool is very powerful, it still must register and pay for some stats. For my part, I just ample Backlink Watch for all of my tests Backlinks .

6 Tools To Analyze Your Backlinks:
Here are several tools to understand and analyze your links . Find all backlinks pointing to your websites to improve your strategy netlinking and therefore your SEO.

  • Ahrefs:

Ahrefs offers a free version of crawling your links entirely satisfactory, 10 queries per day and 20 allowed if you are a registered member. Discover how quickly backlinks pointing to your site, the anchor text , the most popular pages , the referring domains.

  • Advanced Link Manager:

A comprehensive tool that I use regularly in my work. The software installs on your computer (MAC or PC ) and provides you with a list of your backlinks with PR , Alexa rank ,outbound links .  And the trial version with limited functionality is available.

  • Open Site Explorer:

The link analysis by SEOmoz. Discover all your inbound links and the authority of the page and the domain on which they are located the anchor text , referring domains , or even popular pages.

  • Majestic SEO:

As you Ahrefs on a graph indexing backlinks over time, view your best backlinks , your referring domains and your most popular pages .

  • Google Webmaster tools:

The center for Google Webmaster will enable you to retrieve all links indexed by Google(previously available with the command link ).


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