You may often heard about anchor text backlinks, what are anchor text backlinks, how to create anchor text backlinks or even how it takes an important role in a backlink campaign.

What are anchor text backlinks?

Basically, the anchor text is a text or word used in a link building, which contains a link back to other web pages. Which if you click these text/word you will go to a web page where the backlink is directed. Anchor text backlinks usually use a keyword that is expected to get better position on SERPs. For example, when you want your site appear on the first position of search result with “wordpress custom service” as your targeted keyword, then you may need to use these keyword as anchor text for each backlink you’ll create. In all the way backlink building, sometimes you will see a time when you are not allowed to use the anchor text in backlinks. For example, you build backlinks with blog commenting, and there you are required to use your real name in the “name field” that usually you fill it with your anchor text. Usually for spam reasons, and if you do not want your comments considered spam, you must follow it. And it will not hurt you, or even be a benefit for a naturally impression on your backlink building.

How to create anchor text backlink?

Truly simple and easy to anchor text backlinks that pointing into your web page in order to get better position on SERPs. Basically, the link that you can create with simple HTML or other coding language.
For example:
  1. If you are in blog commenting. Usually you will find 4 field or column that you need to fill it.
    Name, Email Address, Website, and Comment field as you can see below
    anchor text backlinks exampleThen just like you can see. Fill out the each box. Name with your targeted keywords, your fake email address, and your web page URL in a “Website” section.
  2. If you are in article writing or insert a backlink in a sentence, you probably will need a bit of coding knowledge. Is it hyperlink. For example,
    You want to create anchor text backlink with “my keywords” as your targeted keyword or anchor text:
    With HTML hyperlink code <a href="">my keywords</a> or if you want for more effective you can add a “title” attribute there.
    With BB code link [URL=]my keywords[/URL]
    Basically, the code above has the same meaning, namely the direct link to the destination web page of the URL.

The importance of anchor text in backlink building

The role of anchor text backlinks is to improve the position of a web page in search results for specific keywords. If you want your website get ranked for specific keywords, then you need to make these keywords as a anchor text when you are in backlink building.


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