Good beer is hand reared

 We currently have the following beers on offer, but please check for availability. Contact us

A lightly bittered beer, with a spicy aroma, achieved using classic Eastern European hops, Gold, at 3.6% is a good session beer.

At 3.5%, Chestnut Mare is aleady popular. This chestnut coloured light ale is lightly bittered, malty, with smooth liquorish undertones, and a dry blackcurrant finish. It is reminiscent of a traditional dark mild.

Our newest ale is Packhorse 3.7%. This light amber bitter has a subtle earthy bitterness, and a floral spicy finish achieved using Marynka hops.

Named after one of the lanes near Worsthorne, Foxstones Bitter is an amber coloured medium bitter beer, with an ABV of 3.9%. It has a floral aftertaste and dryish finish, with plenty of character. Popular with drinkers who like a good 'old fasioned' bitter.

Some Like It Blonde is a refreshing blonde style beer. At 3.9% ABV, this beer has a delightful hoppy aftertaste, acheived using a blend of European and New Zealand hops. This is probably our best selling beer, appealing to those new to real ale, as well as seasoned drinkers. Marilyn Monroe inspired the name - and why not?
Old Trout, a red / brown ale with an ABV of 4.5%, is a homage to the peaty, trout-rich waters that abound in the hills around Worsthorne. This beer is proving to be increasingly popular.
Christened in honour of Burnley's mining heritage, Collier's Clog is a strong pale ale, 5.5% ABV. This lightly bittered beer has a good balanced body with a citrus after-taste. NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
Winter Ale. A strong red ale, which, at 5.3%, is sure to keep out the winter chills!