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Created on 2010-12-16.07:53:14 by scanff, last changed 2010-12-16.08:37:30 by cehoyos.

Please provide full uncut output from "ffmpeg -i" if you are reporting issues with unplayable files.
msg12978 (view) Author: scanff Date: 2010-12-16.07:53:14
I was looking around for a video converter and found Freemake.  It's a nice free
tool that uses ffmpeg but provides no source or credits to ffmpeg.

The website is - http://www.freemake.com/

Under c:\Program Files (x86)\Freemake\COM are several ffmpeg libs.

c:\Program Files (x86)\Freemake\COM>ls
FMDVDMenu.dll         FMVisualization  avformat-52.dll  librtmpWrapper.dll
FMMediaFormats.dll    PlayerMS.ocx     avutil-50.dll    msvcp100.dll
FMMediaSource.dll     avcodec-52.dll   dvdauthor.exe    msvcr100.dll
FMMediaUtils.dll      avcore-0.dll     libdvdcss-2.dll  spumux.exe
FMTransformBase.dll   avdevice-52.dll  libdvdnav.dll    swscale-0.dll
FMVideoConverter.dll  avfilter-1.dll   librtmp.dll
msg12980 (view) Author: cehoyos Date: 2010-12-16.08:37:30
I downloaded FreemakeVideoConverter_1.3.0.exe (size 12196880, md5sum
f0f1b5dd139536e34afea438e0433447, will upload to
samples/ffmpeg-bugs/roundup/issuennnn). It contains a binary distribution of
avcodec (GPL), but no sources are visible.

Contact: support@freemake.com
whois information:
      RareNames, WebReg  freemake@freemake.com
      Ellora Assets Corporation
      PO Box 308, Premier Building
      Victoria, Mahe 00000
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