Lebanon News - FPM Ministers Clash with Khalil as they Slam ‘Tranquilizing’ Wage Deal
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Bahrain Grand Prix will go ahead, says F1's ruling body
17 April 2012
Motorsport's governing body has ended uncertainty over the Bahrain Grand Prix by issuing a statement confirming that the Formula One race will go ahead next weekend.
Argentine 'miracle' baby found alive after death declaration
12 April 2012
She was a tiny thing: 1 pound 12 ounces, cold as a frozen bottle and left for dead. But she would survive. One-week-old Luz Milagros Veron is Argentina's miracle baby. Pronounced dead after her premature birth.
Whitney Houston death probe closed; 911 call released
12 April 2012
The police investigation of Whitney Houston's death is "officially closed" with the conclusion that her death was an accidental drowning, the Beverly Hills Police Department said Wednesday.
Charles Manson denied parole, with next parole hearing set for 2027
12 April 2012
Notorious killer Charles Manson, 77, was denied parole Wednesday after a California parole panel "could find nothing good as far as suitability" for his being paroled, a commissioner said.
5 die after earthquake near Indonesia
12 April 2012
Five people died after two major earthquakes struck near Indonesia, authorities said Thursday. Three of the people died from heart attacks while the others died of shock after two earthquakes struck Wednesday.
Earthquakes shake Gulf of California
12 April 2012
A pair of strong earthquakes rocked Mexico's Gulf of California only minutes apart early Thursday, the U.S. Geological Survey reported. The quakes -- magnitude 6.9 and 6.2.
Demi Lovato: I almost ran over Paul McCartney
11 April 2012
Thank goodness Demi Lovato hit her brakes: The 19-year-old singer says she recently almost ran over Paul McCartney. "So.... today I was pulling into a parking space that some guys were standing in the middle of.
Prosecutor to make announcement soon in Martin case
11 April 2012
The special prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case says she will release new information soon, an announcement that came the same day George Zimmerman's attorneys made the bombshell statement that they were resigning.
China, Philippines locked in naval standoff
11 April 2012
The Philippines said Wednesday that its largest naval vessel is engaged in a standoff with two Chinese maritime surveillance ships in a remote lagoon in the South China Sea.
Ousted Chinese official's wife arrested in Briton's death
11 April 2012
The wife of a controversial Chinese leader and a family aide have been arrested in connection with the death of a British businessman, Chinese state media announced Tuesday.
Microsoft Counting Down to the End of Windows XP
11 April 2012
Microsoft is counting down the days until it is through with the Windows XP operating system for personal computers.
Study: Bat-Killer Fungus Likely Came From Europe
10 April 2012
A deadly fungal disease that has killed millions of bats in North America is likely
U.S. Study: Dental X-Rays Linked to Brain Tumors
10 April 2012
People who get regular dental X-rays are more likely to suffer a common type of brain tumor, U.S.
Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout faces long prison sentence
5 April 2012
Convicted Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout faces the possibility of life in prison at his sentencing in a federal court in New York on Thursday. Last year Bout, who's been dubbed "the merchant of death" by his accusers.
E-books spur reading among Americans, survey shows
5 April 2012
E-books aren't just becoming increasingly popular. They also appear to be promoting reading habits among American adults. So says new research from the Pew Internet and American Life Project.
Ex-New Orleans cops get prison time in Danziger Bridge shootings
5 April 2012
A federal judge Wednesday sentenced five former New Orleans police officers to prison terms ranging from six to 65 years for the shootings of unarmed civilians in the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, prosecutors said.
Whitney Houston drowned in a foot of hot water, autopsy says
5 April 2012
Whitney Houston drowned face down in a tub of "extremely hot water" about 12 inches deep, the final autopsy report on the singer's death said. The Los Angeles County coroner ruled that Houston's February 11.
   Rai in Cancun as part of pastoral visits
   Wanted Fatah al-Islam Militants Killed in Syria
   Tyre bombing connected to sale of liquor, not UNIFIL
   Army promotes awareness of unexploded ordnance
   Dual-citizen Lebanese turn out to vote in French election
   Suleiman Meets Mansour: It’s Natural for Expatriates to Vote in 2013 Elections
   Miqati Urges Cabinet to ‘Invest’ in Chance Given by Vote of Confidence
   Army Confiscates Truck Loaded with Arms Headed to Syria
   Arrest Warrant against Lebanese who Contacted Israel, Provided Information on Arad
   Body of Diver Found One Day after Disappearance
   Lebanese group repeatedly hacks government websites
   Suleiman Awaits Probe to Determine if Attack on Geagea was Attempted Murder
   Progress in Appointment of Oil Authority Members
   2 Women Injured in Beirut Southern Suburbs Shootout
   Pietton Denies France Seeking to Deploy Troops along Northern Lebanese Border
   ‘Disgust’ and ‘Negative Distinction’ Major Highlights of 3-Day Parliamentary Session
   Gemayel: Pursuit of stability should not derail democracy
   Miqati Gears up for ‘Calm Response’ Following Trade of Accusations between MPs
   Waad wraps up rebuild of ex-Hezbollah security perimeter
   S. Lebanon deminers discover bodies of 5 Syrian army soldiers
   Lebanese Lawyers File Lawsuit against Assad at ICC
   Jumblat Rejects Berri’s Proportionality Proposal, Calls for Radical Reform
   Suleiman Pledges Electoral Law that Allows Expatriates to Vote
   Serra Hopes for Solution on ‘Political’ Problem in Ghajar
   Nahhas, Bakeries Fail to Reach Agreement Ahead of Planned Strike
   March 14 to Resume Attack on Cabinet Amid Race on Statements
   Lebanon Refused Opening Qulaiat Airport for Syria Observers
   Nasrallah to Assange: We Contacted Syrian Opposition Urging Dialogue with Regime
   Group called 'Raise Your Voice' hacks Lebanon websites
   2 killed in Baalbek, escalation feared
   May 4 deadline for preliminary motions challenging STL jurisdiction
   Miqati Challenges Opposition to Seek Vote of Confidence
   Berri Seeks Adoption of Electoral Law Acceptable by Hariri, Jumblat
   UAE Says Gulf Island Spat Threatens Global Security
   Sadr Movement Visits Alleged Hizbullah Prisoner in Baghdad
   Jumblat Reportedly Begins Efforts to Resolve Financial Dispute
   STL Sets Deadline for Challenging Tribunals Jurisdiction
   Israeli Officer Suspended for Hitting Foreign Activist with Gun
   Al-Rahi Slams 'Insulting of Dignities': Evil Being Plotted against Church, Shepherds
   Suleiman Arrives in Australia, Derides Calls Asking Him to Sign $5.9 Billion Decree
   New Israeli Tank Shells Capable of Penetrating Reinforced Hizbullah Targets
   Joke Becomes Reality! Lebanese Caught Hiding in Suitcase at Turkish-Greek Border
   Suleiman Mulls to Issue Spending Decree to Salvage Salaries and Projects
   Geagea Warns March 14 in Eye of the Storm
   Report: Israel and Lebanon in ‘Indirect Cooperation’ over Gaza Flotillas
   Bakeries, Transport Sector to Strike after Record High Fuel Prices
   Security Sources Snap Back at Decision Preventing Access to Telecom Data
   Israeli Defense Official: Next War will Include Attacks on Lebanese State Institutions
   Miqati Defends Lebanon’s Stance on Death of Shaaban
   Al-Rahi to Head to Canada, U.S. and Mexico on Pastoral Visit
   Report: Two Soldiers Flee Lebanese Military Service, Join Free Syrian Army
   Saqr Charges 4 with Smuggling Arms to Syria
   Syria Sticks to SANA Story on ‘Terrorist Groups’ in Shaaban Killing
   Judiciary Refuses to Hand over Complete Telecom Data to ISF on Geagea Probe
   Shaaban Laid to Rest in his Hometown
   Jal el-Dib Residents Block Highway for 2nd Week in a Row
   Teacher Arrested for Raping Student
   Miqati Says Geagea’s Assassination Bid Disturbs Country’s Security Situation
   Berri Criticizes Cabinet’s ‘Slow’ Performance
   Jumblat’s Sources Warn against Proportionality as his Rivals Slam ‘Majority Maker’
   Opposition: Sehnaoui Responsible for Protecting Assassins by Blocking Telecom Data
   Report: Pope to Stress in Lebanon that Christians, Muslims Face Similar Fate
   Baragwanath Seeks to Fully Carry Out his Tasks, Urges More Lebanese Lawyers to Join STL
   Report: Jumblat Threatens to Withdraw from Cabinet if Proportional Electoral Law Adopted
   Differences between Charbel and Fattoush Grow
   Maronite Bishops Condemn Escalatory Political Rhetoric in Lebanon
   Saudi Man Claims 4 Men Kidnapped him in al-Saadiyat
   Cabinet Ministers Clash over Request of Funds to Help Syrian Refugees
   Shots Fired at Geagea’s Maarab Residence
   Fayez Karam released
   Hamadah Slams Electoral Law Based on Proportionality
   March 14 Readies Itself for Parliament Session on Cabinet Performance
   3 Soldiers Wounded in Gunfight with Criminals in Baalbek, 1 Arrested
   Installation of High-Voltage Lines in Metn to Top Cabinet Discussions
   Report: STL Trials to Kick Off by End of 2012
   Cyprus Exerting Efforts to Resolve Maritime Border Dispute Between Lebanon, Israel
   Report: Miqati Welcomes Study on Peaceful Nuclear Reactor in Lebanon
   Berri Reiterates Support for Electoral Law Based on Proportionality
   Saqr Charges 3 Lebanese, 6 Syrians with Smuggling Weapons to Syria
   Negotiations with Power-Vessels Companies to Heat Up Committee Meeting on Monday
   Burglary Gang Arrested in Koura
   Jal el-Dib Residents Resort to Sit-in over Cabinet Failure to Find Solution to Traffic
   Suleiman: Miqati Took Appropriate Position on Electricity Dispute
   Berri: I Will Intervene in Govt. Dispute at Appropriate Time
   Kanaan: Safadi Report Seeks to Reach Settlement on Extra-Budgetary Spending
   Cabinet Will Not Tackle Appointment of Head of HJC during Wednesday’s Session
   Report: Head of Takfiri Network in Constant Contact with Ayman al-Zawahiri
   Army Intercepts Two Vehicles Carrying Arms in al-Qaa
   Suleiman to Head Lebanon’s Delegation to Arab Summit in Baghdad
   Bassil Criticizes Oil Sector Strike for Harming Citizens
   Aridi, Charbel Say Lebanon Not Aware of Syria Travel Ban
   Amnesty Hails Absence of Executions in Lebanon but Says 8 Death Sentences Issued in 2011
   Cabinet to Discuss Spending Draft-Laws Hailed by Change and Reform Bloc
   Officials Exert Efforts to Resolve Electricity Crisis
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FPM Ministers Clash with Khalil as they Slam ‘Tranquilizing’ Wage Deal
12 October 2011
Ministers loyal to Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun have expressed outrage at a deal reached to raise wages and increase benefits, saying the agreement was only a “tranquilizer.”

The ministers withdrew from the cabinet session held at the Grand Serail on Tuesday to express their reservations about the deal that did not meet the aspirations of the General Labor Confederation as well.

The government increased the minimum wage to LL700,000 from LL500,000. It also raised by LL200,000 the wages of workers earning less than LL1 million. As for those who earn between LL1 million and LL1.8 million, they would get a LL300,000 raise.

The GLC was calling for more than doubling the minimum wage to LL1,250,000.

Aoun’s Change and Reform bloc ministers were frustrated after the cabinet did not discuss a proposal made by Labor Minister Charbel Nahhas to raise wages by 30 percent.

Energy Minister Jebran Bassil described the deal as a “tranquilizer.”

“We reject them because we are seeking for a solution that would establish a new stage and not a new vortex,” he told reporters at the Grand Serail.

“These are tranquilizers aimed at ending the strike” that was planned by the GLC on Wednesday to demand better wages.

In remarks to As Safir daily, Bassil said: “This is not a government. It is governed.”

“The agreement reached (inside the cabinet) is not a radical solution. It reflects the inability to resolve problems,” he said. “Where is the problem in holding the strike?” Bassil wondered.

He said the new wages are not enough and if Nahhas’ proposal was adopted, it would have given workers better salaries and would have satisfied the private sector which had expressed fears that some companies could terminate the employment of their workers if the government enforced a high salary increase.

Nahhas also told As Safir that Change and Reform bloc ministers rejected Tuesday’s deal and expressed regret at the way the negotiations were held between the government, the GLC and the private sector.

“We held onto the comprehensive solution proposed by the labor ministry two days ago,” Nahhas said.

The labor minister along with several Change and Reform bloc representatives clashed with Health Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, who was tasked by Speaker Nabih Berri to broker an agreement to end the wage dispute.

They also confronted Finance Minister Mohammed Safadi who left the government session after Nahhas criticized Khalil over his proposal on health benefits.
Report: Anti-Miqati Campaign Goes Beyond Electricity Crisis
26 March 2012
A campaign launched by the Free Patriotic Movement and Finance Minister Mohammed al-Safadi against Premier Najib Miqati revolves not only around the electricity sector but also the appointment.
Nahhas Says Cabinet Will Overcome Electricity Crisis on Wednesday
26 March 2012
Economy Minister Nicolas Nahhas expressed his confidence on Monday that the cabinet will overcome the dispute on the electricity crisis “safely” during a session at the Baabda Palace.
Report: Safadi Eyes Premiership amid Rift with Miqati
26 March 2012
Finance Minister Mohammed al-Safadi is eyeing his candidacy to the premiership in case the cabinet collapses due to the sharp rift between the members of the government, the pan-Arab daily al-Hayat reported Monday.
Beirut Lawyers Hold Strike to Protest Vacant HJC Head Post
26 March 2012
Beirut lawyers observed a one-day strike on Monday to protest the procrastination in the appointment of the head of the Higher Judicial Council. The lawyers did not attend court proceedings at the Beirut Justice Palace.
Hospitals Only Treating ‘Critical Cases’ during Strike
26 March 2012
Hospitals were on Monday only admitting “critical cases” during a strike by hospitals and doctors for the refusal of the National Social Security Fund to increase physicians' fees.
March 14 Regains Majority in Engineers Order Elections
26 March 2012
A list backed by the March 14 forces, the Progressive Socialist Party and the Jamaa Islamiya won all five seats in the by-elections of the Beirut Order of Engineers and Architects held on Sunday.
March 14 Regains Majority in Engineers Order Elections
26 March 2012
A list backed by the March 14 forces, the Progressive Socialist Party and the Jamaa Islamiya won all five seats in the by-elections of the Beirut Order of Engineers and Architects held on Sunday.
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