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Being Born Again Couture Fashion Show

“Fashion and art combined at long last.” That’s how founder and managing director Davina Reichman’s notes described the second annual Being Born Again Couture fashion show, which took the fashions straight off the runway and brought them to the streets.

The second show brought the Being Born Again Couture concept across international waters and to the streets of New York City, literally. The outdoor SoHo fashion show took over Broadway from Canal Street to E. Houston Street, where Max Azria, Anna Sui, Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and Maria de Guzman models paraded down the street in their collaborations featuring artists from MoMA, P.S.1. and RoslynOxley9.

“New York is a city of public display,” expressed Davina Reichman. “The streets are the place to go to have an audience appreciate what you wear and how you wear your outfit. What turns clothing into fashion is an audience. The inherent desire to impress that audience is what creates the social structure of fashion and Manhattan has the harshest critics of all.”

Last Spring, the inaugural show took place in Sydney and featured two designers Nicola Finetti and Michael Lo Sordo who collaborated with artists Christopher Horder and Guy Peppin respectively for their collections. Reichman influenced the collaborations of Finetti who created two pieces made out of Guy Peppin’s artwork and Lo Sordo who created an entire collection detailed in artwork by Christopher Horder for their respective Australian Fashion Week shows.

Where will next year’s Being Born Again Couture fashion show pop up? That depends on where the team is at that time according to Reichman. “Now that I’m in NYC, to produce a show anywhere is possible. I could travel to Spain or Japan or a country like Antarctica and assemble a fabulous team there, or we could do another show in the fashion Mecca of NYC again.”

The looks seen during Being Born Again Couture fashion show are specifically one-off crafted couture pieces not from any collection. If you’re interested in any of the looks or want to know where the next show will be, please visit

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