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Monday, March 1, 2010

Presidents Agree to Create Community of Latin American and Caribbean States

Presidency of the Republic

Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico – During the Second Plenary Session of the Summit on Latin American and Caribbean Unity, Mexican President Felipe Calderón reported that one of the agreements reached by the 25 Heads of State and Government was to create the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States as a regional space comprising all the states in the region.
“We are showing the world that despite our legitimate and understandable differences, Latin American and Caribbean nations have decided to unite, find the mechanisms for understanding each other and resolve our differences. And we are quite clear that there are far more things that identify and link us than those that divide and separate us,” he said.

The President declared that the consolidation of this mechanism marks a decisive step in the institutional history of the region since the region’s participation is decisive in overcoming challenges and solving the problems faced by mankind.

“I am convinced that the hour of Latin America and the Caribbean is only just beginning. Through this new mechanism, we will strengthen our voice in the concert of nations in order to become key players rather than mere spectators of what is happening in the world,” he declared.

The Mexican president said that while Mexico occupied the Pro Tempore Secretaryship of the Río Group, among other things it welcomed three new members: Cuba, Surinam and Jamaica. He stressed the fact that this mechanism arose as a result of a Latin American initiative that will increase the region's role.

“We want this common heritage to remain in force, be enriched during this new stage, expand its integrationist vocation and contribute to constructing a better future for Latin America and the Caribbean. This will enable us to match the ambitions of our nations,” he said.

During this same event, President Felipe Calderòn handed over the Pro Tempore Secretaryship of the Rio Group to Chilean President Michelle Bachelet:

“I know that as a nation in charge of the Pro Tempore Secretaryship, Chile will provide continuity for and build on what has been achieved to date for all Latin American and Caribbean countries,” he said.


Press Release: Presidency of the Republic, February 24, 2010, Mexico City; translation Presidency of the Republic

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