Historic Preservation
Meeting dates and agendas for your convenience.

Preservation staff consists of a Department Director, a city and county preservation planner, and a county natural resources planner and an administrative assistant. Staff reviews projects and issues decisions on minor matters or recommendations regarding larger matters to either the Historic District Board of Review, Chatham County Historic Preservation Commission, Historic Site and Monument Commission, Chatham County Resource Protection Commission or the Metropolitan Planning Commission.  more

Appointed Commissions
Commissions are appointed by City and County officials to help protect our significant cultural and natural resources. Click on the links below to find out more about each board.

Chatham County
Resource Protection Commission

Chatham County Historic Preservation Commission

Historic Site and Monument Commission

Savannah Historic District Board of Review

Historic Easements
and Covenants
Click here to see if your property has a Facade Easement or Covenant with Historic Savannah Foundation. If one exists, consultation with HSF must be considered prior to any undertaking.

Historic Windows
Replacement vs. Repair.
Preserving historic windows can actually be the more sustainable and cost effective measure in terms of energy efficiency. Download our Preserving Historic Windows Brochure to find out more.

Historic Building Map
112 structures in Savannah's Historic District received historic designation by City officials. See the list of newly designated structures

Local Historic Districts What becoming a local historic district with design review can mean to you and your neighborhood... more

Economic Incentives If a property is listed or eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, individually or as a district, it is eligible for federal and state tax incentives...more

Local Historic Districts
Find boundary maps, ordinances, guidelines, and applications for review by clicking on the links below

Savannah Historic District

Victorian District

Cuyler-Brownsville District

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