Doctrine of the Russian Iron Youth

Doctrine of the Russian Iron Youth has been uploaded to the site.

29/VIII 11

Finally, the Iron Doctrine is available for all. However, I wish to point out to the readers that this work talks about worldviews and values. In this context war does not refer to literal warfare, armed uprisings or bloodshed, but about War for a way of life. The Iron Doctrine foremost calls to live ones life in a certain way, a way that is filled with action, determination to move forward and total mobilization of ones inner-strengths, as well as filling life with values of duty, honor and order. It is a Worldview of a peaceful life that is gifted with the spirit of war.

At the same time I wish to point out that there will be a struggle. We live in a time when humanity is suffocating from inaction and decay, and only the spirit of war is capable of bringing us back to Life. There will be many obstacles and we will have to do everything in our power to restore Russia.

Voice from the Ruins

For a more direct way to share my thoughts on various issues than articles I created a blog to replace my old livejournal account (no longer exists).

26/VIII 11

However, this blog will be entirely in Russian and doesn’t yet feature any of my musings. Rest assured, all the trully important works of mine will be translated and uploaded to this site as articles

Belated Holiday – Ramon Mercader Day

Happy Ramon Mercader Day, everyone!

26/VIII 11

On the 20th of August 1940, Ramon Mercader attacked Trotsky with an icepick to the back of the head, a blow from which Trotsky died on the next day. So celebrate the 20th of August – Ramon Mercader Day, Day of the ICEPICK.

I am celebrating this day for a second time now, and this year it went great. If you are interested, you can see the photographs from this event on my profiles on Facebook and DeviantART.

Also a video was made, which is already available for viewing.

Ideacrats Pilgrimage – Media-Package

Greetings all, I have returned!

26/VIII 11

It’s been almost a month since I returned from my pilgrimage. I did not make any updates since then because I was working on the Media-Package about my pilgrimage, the Doctrine of the Russian Iron Youth and celebrating Ramon Mercader Day (more about this in a different entry).

Now all these projects are complete and you can see the videos and photographs from my trip to Italy and Germany, as well as read the Doctrine of the RIY in the Ideacrats Pilgrimage Media-Package.

The Media-Package consists of two .rar files, which weigh a total of 2,5 Gb.
File 1
File 2

You can watch the short dedication video about my pilgrimage on my YouTube channel.

Right now I am working on the first issue of the Oprichnik journal, which should see the light of day sometime in mid-late september, however it will only be in Russian.

Ideacrats Pilgrimage – First Stage

From the 7th to the 29th of July I will be on the first stage of my «Ideacrats Pilgrimage.»

6/VII 11

On this journey I will visit Germany (Wilfingen, where Ernst Junger is burried) and Italy (Rome; Florence, to see the cenotaph of Niccolo Machiavelli; Predappio, to visit the crypt of Benito Mussolini; Monte Rosse Massif where the half the ashes of Julius Evola were deposited in a hole in a glacier and half were spread in the winds).

Upon returning to Russia I will revisit the final resting places of Nikolay Vasilyevich Ustryalov and Ivan Alexandrovich Ilyin, thus paying tribute to all of my teachers.

The project page will be updated with photographs that I will take on this trip and I also plan to record some videos.

Until then.

International Multilingual Third Position Archive

In order to provide assistance to the International Third Positionist Federation Archive Project, I have set up a Russian Translators Guild in the Russian social network «VKontakte«. The goal of this archive is to create an analogy to – a site which is full of various documents of Third Position ideologies and movements in all possible languages, as such we require the assistance of translators and people who may contribute rare materials or already existing translations.

10/VI 11

If you are skilled in any language and/or are willing to help expand this project in any other capacity, register on the ITPF forum and join the effort. You can visit the archive site by clicking the image above.

«For Russia’s Sovereignty!» Event

Today I took part in a public meeting «For Russia’s Sovereignty», which was held by the People’s Council (National Union).

21/V 11

Around a thousand people and various organizations came to the meeting in order to state their civic stand on the following points:

• against gay parades, propaganda of perversions in the Mass Media, the legalization of same sex marriages;
• against the so called «reforms» of the armed forces;
• against the so called «reforms» in health care;
• against the so called «reforms» in the education system;
• against the introduction of the universal electronic card;
• against the juvenile justice technology for the destruction of the family;

• FOR Russia’s sovereignty!
• FOR a traditional family!
• FOR a strong army!
• FOR easily available education!
• FOR high quality health care!

All in all the event was a success (despite the initial rainy weather, which I, however, managed to miss), and went on in an organized and peaceful manner. Amongst the organizations that took part in the gathering were the Union of Orthodox Khorugv-Bearers and the Eurasianist Youth Union, also Serbian and Slovakian flags could be seen.

There isn’t much to comment on, the right goals and the right event.

Grand Opening

I welcome you, on the day of my site’s grand opening!

20/V 11

This site is something of an information center, where you can find out about my activities, works and projects. The main goal of the site – the creation of a base for the export of the Metanationalist ideology as well as the creation of the first Russian Iron Youth movement!

As for the English copy of this site: the purpose is relatively the same, while also proving foreigners with some interesting insight on various Russian social and political issues, as well as provide some unique material, that was never before translated into English.

The time has come to sweep aside the obstacles, that prevent the unity of the Russian People and Nation.

The time has come to fight against hypocrisy, political games and the bürger worldview.

The time has come to begin a fight on an entirely new level, the time has come to bring down the «Modern» World and restore the era of Heroic Realism. The fate of Russia, our People and our Nation depend on it.

So let this fight start here, with this site, where you can become acquainted with all the aforementioned concepts, in order to make a decision: are you ready to declare war on the «Modern» World?

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