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Friday,27 April, 2012
President Sleiman expressed hope that dialogue remains the prevailing language among the nations for the sake of humanity, its advancement and the happiness of people in their countries.    
Elias Sarkis
His Excellency President Elias Sarkis
Presidential Term: from 23 September 1976 to 22 September 1982

Name:Elias Youssef Sarkis
Date and place of birth: 20 July 1924 - died 27 June 1985, Shbanyeh
Marital Status:Single

Educational Background:
  • School education at Shbanyeh School and at the Frères School in Beirut
  • Law Degree in 1941

Professional Experience and Political Career:
  • Worked as a lawyer for three years
  • Appointed Magistrate of the Court of Accounts
  • Appointed Director General of the Chamber of the Presidency of the Republic in 1953until the end of the first half of H.E. President Charles Helou's term
  • Appointed Governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon in 1968 for 9 years
  • Elected President of the Republic on 8 May 1976 but did not move to office until 23 September 1976, i.e. until the end of the term of H.E. President Suleiman

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